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June Pelo
14-04-10, 22:38
The official population of Finland at the end of 2009 was 5,351,427, an increase of 25,113. Helsinki had 583,000, Esbo c 244,000, Tammerfors c 211,000, Vanda 200,000 and Åbo c 176,000. The smallest city is Kaskö with 1,442 residents. There were 888,323 people under the age of 15, which is the lowest number in 100 years. The number of people over 65 was 910,441.

Antti Herlin, age 53, has a fortune of $1.3 billion. He owns the largest part of Kone elevator business, and is the richest person in Finland. Sweden has several billionaires and has the first Swede to rank in 11th place. The richest is telecommunications billionaire Carlos Slim Helu and family from Mexico. Their fortune is estimated at $53.5 billion. Microsoft Bill Gates is in second place with a half billion $ less.

There are estimated to be 279-362 wolves in Finland, and about 86,000 elk. On my last trip to Finland my relatives offered me a large rack of elk antlers, but I had to decline because I couldn't figure out how to get it on the plane!

PS. When I bought my first computer Bill Gates was still tinkering with computers in his garage!