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Arlis J.
16-04-10, 02:20
Hi, somebody!
What is the best and least expensive way to research in Sweden? My husband's father came to Minnesota from Sweden when he was 7 years old and I want to trace the family as far as I can. The passenger manifest lists Erik Karlstrom of Norberg, Klackberg in Vastmanland as the nearest relative. so that would be my husband's great grandfather. Now, what can I do with that information?

Arlis in Minnesota

June Pelo
16-04-10, 17:30

Ingemar Ekman, who is a member, lives in Sweden and if he is not traveling, he'll probably see your message. He has access to lots of records in Sweden, if you have names and dates for him.

16-04-10, 18:00
Is his name David Tornis Karlström born 18 January 1916 in Norberg?
If you want help let me know. If you want to do it yourself SVAR is the best way to start.
Karin Högnabba

Ingemar Ekman
16-04-10, 20:33
Hi Arlis,
Extract from 4 CDs: Emibas, Census records 1890, 1900 and Buried in Sweden, and scanned Birth records SCB:
Erik Emanuel Karlström, born 26 Aug 1859 in Västerfärnebo Västmanland , Miner
Emma Wilhelmina Holmström born 1 May 1867 in Söderbärke Kopparberg
5 Children are listed born between 1887-1897 and at least two of them emigrated:
David Karlström born 17 May 1895 in Norberg, emigrated 14 July 1923 to North America (See note)
Olof Anton Karlström born 28 Sep 1897 in Norberg, emigrated 1917

Karlström, David , Miner, married man.b 17/5 1895 i Norberg, Västmanland
Emigrated 14/7 1923 from Näs Fyrkanten, Norberg, Västmanland to North Amerika
Sources: Husförhörslängd, page 2178 and Emibas emigrationsakt: Norberg U 1923 037
Together with his wife :
Söderberg, Astrid Vilhelmina born 24/5 1895 in Norberg, Västmanlands län
And with their 2 children:
Karlström, David Tomas Ingemar b 18/1 1916 in Norberg, Västmanlands län, He was born before the parents marriage but the father (David) has confessed him as his son. (ref in the birth record, Tomas is written as "Tornis")
Karlström, Tage Valdemar b 30/1 1920 i Norberg, Västmanlands län

From the CD with buried:
Karlström, Erik Emanuel born 26/8 1859
Died in Norberg 19/4 1940
Buried 28/4 1940 in Norberg´s east cemetary,

If you want I can try to find the death column and obituary in the local newspaper next time I will be at the National Library in Stockholm,
Best regards

Arlis J.
16-04-10, 23:51
Thank you, June! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I will hope for someone as helpful as Tapio was.


Arlis J.
16-04-10, 23:57
Karin, Hello!
YES! That's my father-in-law. We weren't even sure what his real name was--he was called Tony here. We thought his Swedish was Torgny. I will try SVAR and I need help I will get in touch with you. THank you very much for the kind advice.

Arlis J.
17-04-10, 00:16
Hello, Ingemar!
Thank you so much for all this information! Is Tornis so unusual that you know his name has to be Tomas instead? Since you have access to so much information, would you be willing to go further back in the family tree? I very much appreciate that you have provided the occupation, wives, children, birth places, marriages dates and everything. It is so complete for the genealogist! I am very grateful.

Arlis Carlstrom

Ingemar Ekman
17-04-10, 00:21
Hi again Arlis,
I found a neighbour and genealogist and he has Erik Emanuel Karlström & Emma Wilhelmina Holmström and their children in his file. I will send direct to you his email address.
(Refer to the DISBYT database at www.dis.se)
Best regards,

Arlis J.
17-04-10, 06:07
Hello, Ingemar.
I tried the DISBYT site, but apparently by Google translator bar doesn't work well; very hard for me to understand. It appears that I have to buy a subscription to view your friend's files. I will try again tomorrow. Thank you once again for your help!

Arlis Carlstrom

Ingemar Ekman
17-04-10, 09:23
Hello Arlis,
The page I refer to is also in English at http://www.dis.se/denindex.htm and to search DISBYT is free, but as a member you will get more information. As "Private Mail" I have sent you his email address and I can call him so he is prepared for your email if you want to contact him.

Arlis J.
18-04-10, 02:16

Thank you again. I did follow the link and read more about the membership rules and learned that besides joining, you have to submit a gedcom to get full access to their records. My guest search for Norberg parish yielded only names and no dates. I was disappointed--you were MUCH more helpful!!