View Full Version : a genealogy I actually 'stumbled' over...

20-04-10, 06:01
it's a long one so I just give the url...may be useful?
google will translate from finnish to english so good to go, eh? :)

June Pelo
23-04-10, 01:19

I sent the URL to some people and they told me they decided to look at it just for the fun of it - and were surprised to find some of their ancestors listed. So it pays to look even though you are skeptical..

23-04-10, 03:54
I saw that site awhile back while searching for a name. That site is huge, and I've found many names that are in my ancestry too...saving it to work on after I'm done with what I already have going on. :)

Thank-you for reminding me about it!
Best Regards,