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Arlis J.
20-04-10, 22:10
Please see posting to KARIN HOGNABBA, CAN YOU HELP? It was foolish of me to post message to her personally--she might not check the forum again for several weeks. I wasn't thinking!! She was kind enough to offer help with an earlier query.

Arlis Carlstrom

20-04-10, 23:32
Click this link to find her posting.

Click on her name at the left side of that posting.

Click on karinh [it is blue]

That will bring you to a pull down menu, go to her profile.

Then you can send her a private message.

Be sure to send the message.


Arlis J.
21-04-10, 01:44
Hello, Ilmari!

Thank you for your advice! It is done. As you can tell, I'm not very proficient in using this forum yet.

We had two Ilmari's in our rural community of Finnish settlers, a Laaksonen and a Wartiainen. This is in northern St. Louis County, Minnesota.

Regards, Arlis

22-04-10, 21:33
Check your private messages.