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22-04-10, 05:02
My huband,s grandfather was a runaway from Finland we know he was born in Vaasa and come to Australia as a cabin boy, He jumped ship when he arrived and took the name Andrew Johnson, I think he may have been Androw Johanson. Andrew was born 1/5/1885 he listed his father as John Herman Johnson and his mother as Marie Runst. Ihave been trying to find out who his family is so that my mother inlaw may finally know who she really is, Andrew Married Betty Lane and the had 6 children, Betty died when she was 41, and Andrew died when he was 50, There 6 children were still young and dont remember anything there father told them about who he was, Andrew listed his father as a fisherman and said that he took an english sounding name that was as close to his real name as possible.
If anyone can help my find Andrew's family I would be very gratfull to you.
Many thanks. Fiona

Karen Norwillo
22-04-10, 21:47
From Migration Institute Australian Finns
Andrew Johnson, Naturalized 1915/11611 (maybe certificate number?)
birth 1885 Vaasa, Vaasan lääni
Australia 1913
address Cooladre E-W Railway, Queensland
travel route USA to Sidney
res. in Australia-Dalby 6 months, Charleville, Cooladre.
So it looks like he went to the US first and then to Australia.
Name at birth probably Anders Johansson. Unfortunately, the Hiski records only go to 1850's.
I don't see a passenger or passport list entry for him that matches his year of birth. I checked under Anders Johansson, Johanson and Johnson, but there may have been another surname after his patronymic.

23-04-10, 03:35
Thank you Karen I think you may be on the right track, I will follow up with the information you supplied and let you know how I get on. Regard's Fiona