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22-04-10, 22:04
Anna Sofia Ingeborg Andersson, born June 19th 1889 in Sweden, immigrated July 8th 1914 to North America. She was called Ingeborg in Sweden, and Anna in USA. She married a Hugo in USA (we don't know his family name). Daughter Annie was born appr 1915 in USA. They resided in Mobile, Alabama USA and also in Russell, PA USA.

Does anybody have any clue on how to find them?
Thanks in advance,

Karen Norwillo
23-04-10, 15:40
I think this may be your Anna Ingeborg in 1920. She is married to Hugo Wahlstrom from Sweden and they live in Loxley and Robertsdale, Baldwin, AL. Annie is 4 and Hugo's brother Gustaf is with them. I also found Hugo's Declaration of Intent and his WWI Draft Registration card. I believe the Karl Gustav next to Hugo's declaration is his brother. I don't know if this is their Annie, but an Anna J Wahlstrom died Aug 1924 in Baldwin county, AL. I can't find them in 1930, but I'll keep looking.
From the 1913-1917 Baldwin, Alabama Marriages, Ingeborg Anderson and Hugo Walstrom married 19 Aug 1914. ALGenWeb.
Also, are you sure about Russell, PA? There is a Russell county in Alabama.

23-04-10, 16:18
Thanks Karen for excellent and fast action. Looks like you found the right persons, all 3 first names match, Mobile and Russell aren't mentioned but the people are linked to Alabama. The ages of Hugo and Annie look right. As Annie was born soon after Anna's arrival in USA, it's apparant that Anna new her husband from before. To my knowledge, Anna lived in Stockholm at the time she immigrated. This seems to synchronize with Hugo's information.

Sorry for asking for more, but are there any possibilities to track Annies or her possible sisters/brothers destiny in hope of getting in contact with living descendants.

BR Arne

Becky Siebold
23-04-10, 19:16
port of departure: Gothenburg, Sweden
port of arrival: New York

PAGE 319 lines 23-25:
info for line 23:
ever been in U.S. before: yes
year/period/where: 1909-1921//Silverhill, Alabama
Whether going to join a relative or friend & address: Brother: Carl Wahlström P.O. box 97 Silverhill, Alabama
Marks of Identification: tattood on both arms
place of birth: Sweden, Gnesta

info for line 24:
ever been in U.S. before: Yes
year/period/where: 1914-1921/Silverhill, Alabama
Whether going to join a relative or friend & address: Brother-in-law
place of birth: Sweden, Sollentuna

info for line 25:
ever been in U.S. before: Yes
year/period/where: 1915-1921/Silverhill, Alabama
Whether going to join a relative or friend & address: Uncle
place of birth: U.S.A., Silverhill, Alabama

PAGE 320 lines 23-25:
info for line 23:
Name in full: Wahlström Hugo Maurits
age: 34
Calling or occupation: Farm Laborer
Nationality: Sweden
Last perm. residence: U.S.A, Silverhill, Alabama
Name & complete address of nearest relative in country whence came: Father: Carl Gustaf Anderson Ulundaborg 6 Enköping
final destination: Alabama, Silverhill

info for line 24:
Name in full: Wahlström Ingeborg
age: 32
calling or occupation: housewife
Nationality: Sweden
Name & complete address of nearest relative in country whence came: Father-in-law
final destination: Alabama, Silverhill

info for line 25:
Name in full: Wahlström Annie Ingeborg
age: 6
occupation: child
Nationality: U.S.A. born
Name & complete address of nearest relative in country whence came: Grandfather
final destination: Alabama, Silverhill

23-04-10, 20:05
Thanks Becky for the comprehensive port information

It mentions Anna's second first name Ingeborg, used in Sweden. Her age is exactly right. Referens to Enköping, Sweden is good, because Ingeborg's family used to live in that area. The age of Annie looks also perfect. I'm convinced that you and Karen found the right people.

My reference to Russell, PA came from a printing on the back of a country side picture (A.W.Maxwell, Russell, PA) with Anna Ingeborg and maybe her brother-in-law's family. MR Maxwell was apparently the photographer and PA may not have anything to do with the residence of the Wahlstöm families.

Sorry to beg for more, but it would be very interesting to know about Annie's destiny.

Anna Ingeborg is my grandfathers cousin.

Picture:Hugo, Annie, Anna Ingeborg, and maybe Carl?

Karen Norwillo
23-04-10, 20:56
From the Alabama Deaths 1908-1974, the Anna J that I found previously was actually the one born in 1889. She is listed as Anna Josephin Wahlborg died 23 Aug 1924 at age 35 years, 2 months, 4 days. Says father Carl Anderson. Spouse Hugo Wahlstrom. Film #1908261 ref cn 16554. It looks like they mixed up mother and daughter's names on several occasions. Died Silver Hill, Baldwin, AL. The age at death matches perfectly with ber birth date. So she died shortly after that trip to Sweden.

23-04-10, 21:23
Thanks again Karin,

Her birth date fits exactly and her fathers name was Carl Gustaf Andersson born in Bromma, Sweden 1850. Her mother was Anna Mickelsdr, born 1846 in Oxkangar, Vörå Finland, my grandfathers aunt. According to Swedish records Anna Ingeborg's first names were Anna Sofia Ingeborg.

Is it possible to find out the reason for her early death?

Karen Norwillo
24-04-10, 16:29
I will try to see if I can get someone to look up the cause who lives in AL. Only relatives would be able to get a copy of the actual certificate from the state. I'll let you know if I have any success.

Karen Norwillo
24-04-10, 17:49
In doing some checking, I find in AL anyone can obtain a death certificate if the death is >25 years. The cost is 15.00. I did send a request to someone in Baldwin county to see if there's any possibility of just finding the cause without getting a copy of the certificate. See where that leads first.

24-04-10, 19:34
Hi Karen
Thanks for your activity. Yesterday I looked at Alabama sensus and found 1 birth for Annie Wahlström b. 1915, and 4 marriages, 1 divorce. They asked to pay 29$ för 3 month to see the records. 30 bucks is OK, but the problem is that they will automatically continue the subscription and I know the difficulties to cancel it. If you can help us find more about these people, I'm prepared to pay a few tens of $ for the joy.