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26-04-10, 23:28
I am looking for information about Heikki Pakkala. He was born 22 May 1881 in Lapua. His parents were Juho Kriivarimaki Pakkala born 21 Nov 1845 and Maria Pakkala born 31 Aug 1849, both in Lapua. According to parish records Heikki went to America in 1899 and was unmarried. I have searched and searched and can not find any Heikki's that match dates and parents, here in the US. I did find one that married a Hilda in 1906 in Fitchburg, MA but can not locate him after that. I am wondering if he ever left Finland and if he didn't where did he go? Unfortunately I have no more information about him. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks
Nancy Pakkala

27-04-10, 00:22
Kriivarinmäki name is in Lapua.

Is this one your Heikki?

Lapua - Lappo - christened

Born.........Christened...Farm....Father.......... ............................Mother................ ......Child
*22.5.1881...26.5.1881..Erkkilä..Torparen Johan Jakobsson Pakkala..hru Maria Johansd:r...Henrik

If so, it will be easier for folks to check.

28-04-10, 01:08
Thanks for responding. Yes this would be our Heikki. I just noticed that in Hiski it says Henrik and our Virkatodistus says Heikki. I will quote what it says at the top of the Virkatodistus: "Haapakoskilta Erkkilän no: sta 7 Juho Varismaki myoh.PAKKALA (mennyt vävksi Haapakosken Pakkalaan)" and then the birth, date and marriage dates. In a later Virkatodistus Varismaki had been changed to Kriivarimaki. It was giving the descendants of the first daughter Kaisa. A cousin of ours had gone to Finland and went and got this second document. The first one we received was translated by someone here as such: Juho Varismaki, later Pakkala (went as a son in law to the Haapakaskon Pakkalan (Pakkalas of Haapankoski).
I have a message on this site about a farm map also. I thought it would list the farm Erkkila, but it doesn't only Haapakoski (actually in two locations).
I hope I have made this clear.
Nancy Pakkala