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K-G Molander
03-05-10, 19:00

I have worked several hours to assemble this family. (Attached as a PDF file).
I know there are differences in data I have and others have. For example: Jacob Erichsson Silacka (Silakka) eariest birth year is 1697.

I would be pleased to read any comments or corrections.


June Pelo
04-05-10, 18:06

I have these people in my database - you can find them on Talko. My data came from several genealogists in Finland and some dates vary a bit from what you have. I can take Jacob's family line back to 1589 and his wife's Suonperä family back to ca 1580s. I have these children listed for Jacob and Margareta: Son Jacob b. 18 Jul 1730. Daughter Helena b. 10 Nov 1734. Son Eric b. 1 Mar 1736. Son Johannes b. 7 May 1737. Daughter Catharina b. 12 Dec 1739. Daughter Catharina b. 23 Jan 1741. Son Ericus b. 26 Feb 1742. Daughter Helena b. 1 Apr 1743. Son Jacob b. 28 Jun 1744.

I have a birth date for Jacob Eriksson of 24 Mar 1701- death same as yours. For Margareta, I have the same birthdate as you have, but her death I have at 13 May 1782.

K-G Molander
04-05-10, 19:18
June, thank you.
I will follow up on your data.