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04-05-10, 02:27
I am searching for the Malmstrom Family from Finland. My husbands great-grandfather was Levi or Leevi Malmstrom. He married Liisa(Lisa or Elizabeth) Kauranen. I believe they were from Oulu area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Lori Malmstrom

04-05-10, 06:30
Hello, and welcome to the Finlander Forum.

If you could please list the approximate year these people were born or married or what year they died and their age at death, it will help sort things a bit.

Also, if you are doing searches, be sure to spell the surname properly:


If you can't make the ö then copy and paste from this message.

Both Malmström and Kauranen names are in the Oulu area - among other places.

05-05-10, 03:37
Levi Malmström was born about 1865. I believe he came to USA in 1880. I really don't have any death information except he probably died in South Range, Michgian, USA.

05-05-10, 03:52
This is information I copied from a post about Kauranen family.

KAURANEN, Lisa (b. 1875 in Pyhajarvi, Finland, d. 1954 in USA). Wife of , Levi. Malmström

Malmström, Levi. Marriage in 1894. Wife: KAURANEN, Lisa (1875-1954). Lisa was the daughter of KAURANEN, Samuel (1852-1907). Levi’s and Lisa’s children: Malmström--John E, Aale Arthur, Elmer, Arnold S, Ernest, and Milma.

05-05-10, 13:13
Marriage record from Hancock Michigan:

Groom's Name: Leevi Malmstrom
Groom's Birth Date: 1866
Groom's Birthplace: Finland
Groom's Age: 28
Bride's Name: Lizzie Kauraner
Bride's Birth Date: 1875
Bride's Birthplace: Finland
Bride's Age: 19
Marriage Date: 15 Sep 1894
Marriage Place: Hancock, Houghton, Michigan
Groom's Father's Name: Isaac Malmstrom
Groom's Mother's Name: Mary
Bride's Father's Name: Sam Kauraner
Bride's Mother's Name: Gustave Kauraner
Groom's Race: White
Groom's Marital Status: Single
Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
Bride's Race: White
Bride's Marital Status: Single
Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M73776-4
System Origin: Michigan-EASy
Source Film Number: 1008268
Reference Number: pg 186 cn 255
Collection: Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995


16-01-11, 20:51
I believe I have found more information about Malmström family. Leevi's father was Issak Malmström, born 5 July 1781, Christened 8 July 1781 in Nakkila, Turku Pori,
Finland. Mother Anna HENRIKSDR and I believe Issak's father was Erik Malmström. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
17-01-11, 17:57
From Hiski Nakkila, Kukonharja village, other births to Erik Malmström and Anna Henriksdotter
22.9.177. Elisabeth
30.12.1773 Helena
28.5.1777 Ericus died 12.8.1789 age 12
6.3.1780 twins Adam and Maria
5.7.1781 Isaak
32.1.1784 Anna
6.1.1787 Maria
6.6.1788 Såld Erik Malmström died rötsfeb 40 y 1 m 5 d (gangerene)

Karen Norwillo
17-01-11, 19:52
Here's your Malmström family in Nakkila in 1786-1791 rippikirja. If you look to the right, mid-page, you will see DOB for Erik and Anna, as well as living children born to that date. Looks like 11 May 1748 for Erik and 24 Oct 1748 for Anna.
In 21 Oct 1805, Isak Malmström , listed as Isak Ersson, moved from Kukonharja village to Wiikala village. DOB matches his on the moving-out records.

Karen Norwillo
17-01-11, 20:56
Here's the records of Malmstrom marriage and births of 3 children from Family Search LDS records. Have to do marriage separately, too big.

Karen Norwillo
17-01-11, 21:08
Here's the marriage image.

17-01-11, 21:20
Thank you Karen. I'm now thinking I may have the wrong Issac Malmstrom. Leevi Malmstrom was born in Finland in 1865. I think that the Issac I have is too old to be his father. I believe Leevi was born in Pyhajarvi, Finland. He married Liisa Kauranen, also from Pyhajarvi on 15 Sept 1894 in Hancock, Michigan.

Karen Norwillo
17-01-11, 22:26
I searched the entire year 1865 in Pyhäjärvi, no Leevi. The names Malmström and Kauranen do not get any hits in this parish.

Karen Norwillo
18-01-11, 16:25
I went back and checked the birth records for year 1864-1867, not a Leevi in the bunch. Unless his birth was never recorded with the church.

Karen Norwillo
18-01-11, 22:04
I found this site on-line that might be of help in your search. It's called Family Society Pyhäjärven Kauraset, Finland. It has much info on the Kauranen family through the years. there are contacts that might be worth a try. the website is
The reason I think this may possibly help is, taking a clue from the parent's names given on Lisa Kauranen's marriage license,
I looked at Pyhäjärvi marriages and found one for a Samuel Eliasson Kaurala and Gustafva Nilsdotter Tikka. The website says some of the earlier farmnames of the Kauranens were Kaurala and Kaurakangas.

Tapio Rautio
18-01-11, 22:27
Lori and Karen,

on the site Karen found, there is this "wanted"-list.


100% match



Tapio Rautio
18-01-11, 22:39
Samuel Eliasson Kauranen born 10.09.1852



Karen Norwillo
18-01-11, 22:43
I found both the Kaurala and Tikka families in Pyhäjärvi. Other name used was Rönkkö. The farms for the rippi are Rönkkö eller Kaurala. I found the matching birth for Samuel. 10 Sep 1852. Gustafva Nilsdr Tikka born 7 Jul 1847.

Karen Norwillo
18-01-11, 22:45
Here's the family on the rippi.

Tapio Rautio
18-01-11, 23:57
Here is a Malmström family in Turtola, father Israel, mother Maria, son Levi b. 30.06.1865.


Karen Norwillo
19-01-11, 01:50
Here's Gustafva Tikka's 1847 birth. FFHA. Sorry, it didn't attach. I'll try again.

Tapio Rautio
19-01-11, 20:52
The register of children in Turtola 1881-1890,
poika (son) Lewi 30.06.1865, on the right side,
marking: Amerika.


Tapio Rautio
19-01-11, 22:59
https://www.familysearch.org/s/recordDetails/show?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fpilot.familysearch.org%2Frec ords%2Ftrk%3A%2Ffsrs%2Frr_36652801%2Fp_58621049&hash=HloWXpZgU9zB10k5M56iYku8TUc%253D

John 1875 is the brother of Levi.



23-01-11, 02:26
The register of children in Turtola 1881-1890,
poika (son) Lewi 30.06.1865, on the right side,
marking: Amerika.
on the above attached thumbnail, Can you translate for me the Malmstrom that is above Israel? Could this possibly be his brother? Is there a wife's name?

Tapio Rautio
23-01-11, 10:11
Hi Lori.

That is Israels sister Helena with her two sons, Aksel and Petter Oskar.


Are You familiar with hiski, Lori? http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en

Turtola - all Eri + Malms


Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

5.3.1828 9.3.1828 Turtola Inh: Eric Ericss: Malmström Maria 35 Salomon

17.5.1829 3.7.1829 Turtola Backst:k: Eric Ericss: Malmström Maria Johansdr 36 Helena (ndp.conf.)

27.5.1830 3.7.1830 Turtola Backst:k: Eric Ericss: Malmström Maria Johsdr 37 Johan (ndp.conf.)

25.1.1832 6.2.1832 Turtola Backst:k: Eric Ericss: Malmström Maria Johansdr 39 Israël

original - VV: \K!
original - SYNKOMM:

A total of 4 events found.


Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

23..1828 Drg. Eric Ericsson Malmström Bd.dr Maria Joh:dr Mukka

A total of 1 events found.



Died Buried Village Farm Person Cause yrs m. w. d.

28.2.1836 6.3.1836 Turtola Backst:k: Erik Larss: Malmström nerf feber 62

A total of 1 events found.



24-01-11, 03:34
I see about half way down this page that there is a note of Levi's birth? The whole top half is Malmstroms and I'm trying to put them into the correct families. Thank you so much for the link Tapio! I'm finding a lot of information. I'm trying to translate using Google, but a lot of the abrevations are not able to translate to english.


Tapio Rautio
24-01-11, 12:27
Lori, the writing is all in swedish,
Hru is hustru=wife
oäkta=out of wedlock

Many deaths on this page, You can see the dates by klicking
"seuraava" up on the right, that shows the other half of the page.


Tapio Rautio
24-01-11, 15:57
Lori, s. is for birth k. for death:


1. Malmström Erik Eriksson, b. 01.06.1801 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 IK362 Kuva 137, (parents Malmström Erik Larsson and Cecilia Mickelsdr). spouse Mukka Maria Johansdr, married 18.11.1827 Ylitornio, b. 1793 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137, (parents Johan Michelsson ja Nn) d. 22.06.1861 Turtola.
2. i. Malmström Salomon s. 05.03.1828.
3. ii. Malmström Helena s. 17.05.1829.
iii. Malmström Johan, s. 27.05.1830 Turtola, k. 18.08.1871 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 141. spouse Mudoslombolo Anna Greta Lars:dr., avioliitossa 21.03.1851 Muonio.
4. iv. Malmström Israel s. 25.01.1832.


2. Malmström Salomon, s. 05.03.1828 Turtola. spouse (1) Loukinen Maria Stina Isaksdr, married 1854 Ylitornio, s. 22.02.1820 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137, k. 19.06.1860 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137. spouse (2) Waara Brita Helena Salomonsd:r, married 21.03.1875 Turtola, s. 12.09.1843,
childen :
i. Malmström Johan Erik, s. 27.05.1855 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137. spouse Liepimäjärvi Ulrika Johansdr, married Turtola rippikirja, 1881-1890 kuva 223, s. 11.08.1855 Muonio.
ii. Malmström Salomon, s. 21.03.1856 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137.
iii. Malmström Maria Karolina, s. 29.04.1858 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137.
iv. Malmström Maria Gustava, s. 08.12.1859 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137.
v. Malmström Edward, s. 06.05.1877 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1877-1881 Kuva 73.
vi. Malmström Hilja Maria, s. 26.07.1880 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1877-1881 Kuva 73.

3. Malmström Helena, s. 17.05.1829 Turtola. spouse Nn.
i. Malmström Axel, s. 23.01.1859 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137. spouse Kangas Lena Stina Aarontytär, married 05.04.1885 Turtola rippikirja, 1881-1890 kuva 224, s. 13.11.1858.
ii. Malmström Petter Oskar, s. 29.06.1866 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137, k. 07.09.1895 Amerika Turtola rippikirja, 1891-1900 kuva 383.

4. Malmström Israel, s. 25.01.1832 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73. spouse (1) Kortesniemi Sofia, married 24.05.1858 Turtola, s. 17.09.1827 Turtola, k. 22.08.1862 Turtola. spouse (2) Koivuranta Maria Johansdr, married 22.01.1865 Turtola , Vihityt, 1820-1877 Kuva 16, s. 19.03.1835 Rovaniemi , Rippikirja, 1849-1856 Kuva 188, (vanhemmat Koivuranta Johan Matsson ja Haavikko Margeta).
i. Malmström Johanna, s. 08.09.1858 Turtola.
ii. Malmström Eva Gustava, s. 15.09.1859 Turtola.
iii. Malmström Maria Elisabeth, s. 25.01.1831 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 Kuva 137.
iv. Malmström Isak, s. 22.08.1862 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 IK362 Kuva 137, k. 11.10.1862 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1856-1865 IK362 Kuva 137.
v. Malmström Levi s. 30.06.1865.
vi. Malmström Karl, s. 23.09.1866 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73, k. 1869 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73.
vii. Malmström Hilda Kaisa, s. 17.06.1868 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73, k. 02.09.1872 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73.
viii. Malmström Isak Arvid, s. 29.06.1870 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73, k. 06.11.1872 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73.
ix. Malmström Selma, s. 28.09.1871 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73, k. 25.09.1875 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73.
x. Malmström Frans Benjamin, s. 16.10.1873 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73, k. 06.04.1878 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1877-1881 Kuva 74.
xi. Malmström Johan, s. 19.07.1875 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1866-1876 Kuva 73.
xii. Malmström Amanda Gustava, s. 05.01.1878 Turtola , Rippikirja, 1877-1881 Kuva 74.



01-02-11, 03:25
Could someone please help me in any of the comments areas. I'm trying to determine where Erik Larsson born in 1774 came from. Also his wife. And any other information you can tell me about this document would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Tapio Rautio
01-02-11, 20:19
Hi Lori!

Kommen ifrån:
Kongliga Sveriges Öfver Torneå Sockens Turtula by.

Came from:
Kingdom of Sweden, Öfver-Torneå parish, Turtula willage.

There history of Turtola is the same as in the neighboring Övertorneå:

On the right top: Anmärkningar
The family moved in in 1821.
Erik moved to Pajala Sweden in 1822
Helena moved to Pajala Sweden 1826
Jacob, Stina Ulrica and moved to Övertorneå in 1826.



Tapio Rautio
01-02-11, 20:33

Until 1809, Turtola was on both sides of the river, after Treaty of Fredrikshamn the border between
Finland and Sweden was moved to the middle of the river, and the Swedish side of Turtola got the name Svanstein.

I´m no history expert, but i looked it up. :)


04-02-11, 23:49
Tapio, Thank you for your information. It was very helpfull. I have a question. When a heading states Flyttning
til och ifran, meaning Relocation to and from, and under that heading it says U22. Does that mean anything to you. I found it on SSHY for Lars Hietala, who I found out is Malmstrom's father.
Thank you again for your help.

04-02-11, 23:51
Here is the link:
Also what does it say after about Eric down the page? Anything else you can transcribe for me?
Thanks again.

05-02-11, 00:39
Here is another document: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/HisKi-digiarkisto.php?bid=1717&pnum=27
does this say Lars born 1749, wife Elin. Then is it son Eric born 1774, married to Carin born 1769 and then is it Eric and Carins children listed after them, Elsa, Maria, Lars, Eric, and I can't read the last two. Then is it Lars next son, Pehr and his wife and children?

Jaska Sarell
05-02-11, 00:43
Oddly enough they've used Finnish abbreviations W (Wanha, vanha = old) and U (uusi = new) for reference to previous and following books.
Here W23 refers to 1784-1790 page 23 and U22 to 1798-1800 page 22.

:) Jaska

05-02-11, 00:45
And if I've guessed right, then I have the wrong names for Israel's father...or the wrong family, because this link shows Eric died in 1809. http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/HisKi-digiarkisto.php?bid=1717&pnum=90
This is hard......

05-02-11, 00:58
Thank you Jaska. I hope I'm on the right track with my family history, I'm a little worried I have the wrong name since it looks like Eric may have died in 1809. It's very interesting reading.

Tapio Rautio
05-02-11, 09:45

I suspect You´ll have to look for Erik Larsson Malmström and Cecilia Mickelsdr in Sweden.

This is just a guess.


05-02-11, 18:07
could someone please look at this in the month of October and translate the Malmstrom birth.
Thank you

05-02-11, 18:47
Can anyone tell me what the fathers first name is for Malmstrom (Malmistono on the page)
I'm looking for Levi's parents

Tapio Rautio
08-02-11, 18:59
The blur name in Your attachment is Israel.


Tapio Rautio
08-02-11, 19:03
The picture from Kisko is a marriage, the same is in hiski:

Kisko - married

Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

26.10.1865 Orrjärvi grufva grufarbet. Abraham Malmström pigan Maja Stina Dahlgren Orrjärvi grufva

The miner Abraham and maid Maja Stina, both at the mine of Orrjärvi in Kisko.


Tapio Rautio
08-02-11, 20:38

a fellow genealogist, Otso Havu, is testing the new features of:

He found a gedcom with the Malmströms in Turtola.

The new features on familysearch are not available to the public yet.

I´m wondering why You are in Simo and Kisko searching?



09-02-11, 01:32
I'm searching everywhere, Hiski mostly, what is Simo and Kisko? Thanks so much for all of your help.

09-02-11, 01:36
Would you think that Israel and Isaac are an interchangeable name? I have some documents that state Levi's father's name is Isaac, but then some that say Israel. Just curious about this.
Again, I really thank you for your input.

09-02-11, 02:08
I think the reason I'm confused about where to look for family of Levi Malmstrom is that I have some information that states he was born somewhere in Finland in October 1865. I know he married Liisa Kauranen and that she was born in Finland. I know they had a son named Aale Arthur...what I'm having a hard time with is finding Levi's Parents. I have recieved some information about a Levi Malmstrom but the birth date is not the same month. I cannot find any birth records for Levi born in October 1865. What would be my best way to go about searching for them? I really appreciate your help.

Tapio Rautio
09-02-11, 18:55

i believe Isaac and Israel are not interchangeable names.

Kisko and Simo are parishes You posted links about.

I think the answer lies in records in the U.S.

What happened after the ship Orlando came to Hull England?
(Your jpeg with the blur Israel)