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Alf Blomqvist
11-05-10, 09:50
I'm searching information re. Anders Viktor* Jakobsson Storskrubb born 22 June 1889 in Kronoby, Finland. Later he used the name Viktor Jackson. He was married to Gunhild Höjer. He (they) lived in Oregon. In Eureka.

Were is Gunhild Höjer born and when?

Attached a picture taken in Astoria, Oregon.

12-05-10, 08:20
The only Eureka on the west coast that I am aware of is in northern California and another in norther Washington.

I am not aware of one in Oregon.

Perhaps it was a street name?

Or could it be "Eugene"?

Alf Blomqvist
12-05-10, 08:34
In Eureka - in Utah :o

K-G Molander
14-05-10, 08:22

Do you know if they died in Oregon or Utah?


This is what I found at above link. Marriage in Oregon. I hope this info is of some help.

Groom's Name: Anders V. Jackson
Bride's Name: Gunhild E. Hojer
Bride's Birth Date: 1887
Bride's Age: 26
Marriage Date: 03 May 1913
Marriage Place: Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon

Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M73339-6
System Origin: Oregon-EAsy
Source Film Number: 1838395
Reference Number: bk 10, p 137
Collection: Oregon Marriages, 1853-1935

K-G Molander
14-05-10, 08:48
I found this in US SS deat index at this link:


Birth Date: 22 Jun 1889
Death Date: Jul 1963
Social Security Number: 543-38-0804
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Oregon

Actual Death Residence: Oregon

Alf Blomqvist
14-05-10, 10:22
Tnx - tack!

Alf Blomqvist
15-05-10, 20:33
Do you find more birth and death information for Gunhild Hojer (Höjer)?

K-G Molander
04-06-10, 18:10
Do you find more birth and death information for Gunhild Hojer (Höjer)?

I can't find any more info about Gunhild. But, I have some more about Anders. See attachment (found on Ancestry.com)

Alf Blomqvist
04-06-10, 19:01
I can't find any more info about Gunhild. But, I have some more about Anders. See attachment (found on Ancestry.com)

Tack skall du ha !

Karen Norwillo
05-06-10, 16:20
According to the two census I found, Gunhild Höjer was born in Sweden and emigrated in 1903. I found an arrival 10 Aug 1903 for a Gunhild Höjer born abt 1884 to Salt Lake on the Swedish Emigration Records. Unfortunately it doesn't say where in Sweden she was from. The Oregon Death Index 1903-98 has her date of death as 7 Aug 1946 certificate 5397. That 1884 birth would match with her age on the 1930 census where she's 5 years older than Victor. 1930 Victor is a gill-netter, 1920 a fisherman. Says he emigrated 1909.

Karen Norwillo
05-06-10, 17:16
I have contacted a fellow member of RAOGK in OR to see if she is willing to make copies or at least get the information from the Petition and Declaration of Intent and final Naturalization for Anders Victor Jackson. I found it in the OR State Archives site. I gave her the needed numbers and dates and will wait to hear back. He filed Intent 9/14/1920 and was Naturalized 2/14/1921 in Clatsop county.
I also found a reference to a Gunhild Höjer in "Utah-Farfar Utahnamn" SFHS. Hojer, Gertrude, miss, korrespondent för Parkens Ros, Park City, Finska Amerikanaren 26.12.1907.

Karen Norwillo
05-06-10, 20:19
Here's Gunhild and her parents in Park City, Summit, UT in 1910. Her parents: Antone L, Finland and Mathilda C, Sweden. brothers and sister all born Sweden, except youngest: Antone B 19, Ragnor L 16, Hannah M 12, Sigurd B 10 and Cecil T 2 born UT. The image is not the best quality. Family mid-page under the black spot.

Karen Norwillo
05-06-10, 20:44
Here's the 1903 arrival of Gunhild and her father in Boston, dest. UT. Says they left Liverpool 10 Aug 1903. Also found the 1904 arrival of her mother and siblings. Looks like names on that 1910 census were "off." On manifest John Anton (Antone B), Ernest Ludvig (Ragnor L), Anna M (Hannah M), Carl B (Sigurd B). Says last residence Stockholm. Found on Canada-US Border Crossings. Mother found as Chr. Mathilda, maybe Christina?? Found family in 1920 in Astoria, OR. Mother using Christina. Cecil is really Cecilia, a daughter. Also found 2 of the sons in WWI Draft Cards.

Karen Norwillo
05-06-10, 21:11
Here are the draft cards. Names sometimes spelled Hoyer. Both born Oregrund, Sweden.

Alf Blomqvist
05-06-10, 21:16
Thank you Karen for all information sent re. Gunhild Jackson (Höjer).

Karen Norwillo
05-06-10, 22:09
For completeness, here is the 1930 census for the Höjer/Hoyer family in Astoria, OR. It shows daughter Anna M and her family living with her parents.
Also found on the OR Death Index: Ragner Ernest Hoyer died 24 Apr 1975, Anton L Hoyer 28 Sep 1945, Mathilda Hoyer 30 Jan 1940, all in Clatsop county.
I received this from a request for a look-up on the Swedish Emigration records.
Gunhild Emilia was born 30 Jan 1884 in Öregrund, Uppsala to Kristina Mathilda Olsson, out-of-wedlock. Krisina married Anton Ludvig Höyer 5 Sep 1890. He was born 5 Dec 1862 Finland. Other children born Sweden, Jon Arthur Brynolf 1 Apr 1891, Ernst Ludvig Ragnar 2 May 1893, Anna Mathilda 25 Nov 1897 and Karl Bernhard Sigurd 25 Jan 1900. Gunhild and her father emigrated together. Mathilda followed in 1904 with the children and her mother Greta Stina Olsson to Park City, UT. Dates on the first sons match their WWI cards.

Alf Blomqvist
05-06-10, 22:31
Tnx Karen - the information seams correct - Victor Jackson (Anders Viktor* Jakobsson Storskrubb in Kronoby, Finland) also lived in Clatsop county!

Karen Norwillo
06-06-10, 02:29
I'm sure this is the correct family. His Declaration of Intent was filed under the name Anders Victor Storskrabb Jackson. I will send the papers if the person at RAOGK will copy them for me.
Kristina Mathilda's parents were Olof Olsson, Sunne, Värmland 8/17/1824 and Greta Stina Öman, Gräsö, Stockholm 3/5/1826. Children Anna Lovisa 4/17/1857, Kristina Mathilda, Erik Olof 1862 born and died, Erik Olof 1865, died 1866, Johan Petter 7/29/1867 and Brita Chatarina 11/19/1869.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-10, 02:46
Here is Anders Viktor Storskrubb on WWI Draft Card. He must have started using Jackson shortly after, as he is Jackson in 1920.

Alf Blomqvist
06-06-10, 08:08
Good morning from Jakobstad, Finland Karen!

Thank you very much for your help. Hope I'll be able to help you also!! :p

Karen Norwillo
06-06-10, 16:24
Thank you. I hope someday to return to your beautiful town. I loved the time I spent there in 2004. I have many relatives there or nearby.

Karen Norwillo
06-06-10, 17:33
Last child of Christine Mathilda and Antone Höjer/Hoyer was Cecile Christine, born 23 Jul 1907 in Utah and died 20 Feb 1992 in Seal Beach, Orange, CA as Cecile Labeck. SS:WA
Margaret C Olson, Greta Stina, died at age 79, 8 Feb 1905 in Park City, UT, just a year after emigrating with her daughter and grandchildren.