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25-05-10, 15:03
I was wondering if someone could help me. I was with some friends last weekend, and we were talking about the earliest song we could remember hearing. I suddenly remembered being rocked to sleep as a very young child to a song that sounded something like this (please excuse the rough transliteration):

Ah-ah loola, asa mamma toola.

Does anyone know what this possibly could mean, and is anyone familiar with the song?


Mia Maria
28-05-10, 22:23
Could it be " aa - aa-tuutilullaa, annan unen tulla " ?
I donīt actually no more words to this song, but it is a very common way to to rock a baby to sleep. It simply means something like "aa-aa tuutilullaa, let the sleep come". Another old common lullaby is " tuu tuu tupakkirulla".


30-05-10, 23:54
Thanks so much. I think that's the song. I was working on a very faint memory from many many years ago, so I'm surprised that I remembered it as close as I did. Now maybe I can sing the correct version to my grandchildren someday!


Mia Maria
01-06-10, 21:48
Nive to hear that it might be the right song :)
I have to correct one word , it is "aa - aa-tuutilullaa, anna unen tulla" .
(anna without third n ).


03-06-10, 01:10
Here are some lullabies: http://www.voxsilentii.fi/12

Check #2, #9 and #14.