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June Pelo
03-06-10, 01:30
An amendment to a law about foreigners will allow hundreds of Russian retirees to move to Finland. Most of them are expected to be women.

The birthrate in Finland is the highest in 40 years. There were 60,400 children born last year - 900 more than the previous year. Most births were in Österbotten and Kajanaland. The lowest birthrate is in southern Karelia and Nyland.

The world's most expensive postage stamp is for sale. The Swedish stamp, postmarked 1857, should have been green, not gold and is the only known example. It was sold at the end of the 1990s for 15 million crowns. It will be sold by a Swiss auction house for an estimated 15 - 20 million crowns. The present owner is a Swiss bank that took it as security for an unpaid debt.

Norden newspaper