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08-06-10, 07:22

A friend of mine asked me about more information about the descendants of Anders Gustafsson Granlund. The last information I have is that his family moved to Los Angeles and at least two of his children married. See attached file!


Karen Norwillo
08-06-10, 16:47
Attached are the 1920 and 1930 census. Amanda was already widowed.

From the MN Birth Index and the CA Death Index
Earl Granlund 29 Mar 1903 MN-20 Nov 1941 LA, CA mmn:Mattson
Anna Amanda Granlund 26 Dec 1869 other country-27 Dec 1944 LA,CA
Arthur Rudolph Granlund 4 Mar 1907 St Louis, MN mmn:Matson-16 Sep 1960 LA, CA
Ruth Ellen Granlund Aughey 22 Feb 1910 MN, mmn:Mattson-10 Nov 1984 LA, CA MN Birth Records says born 23 Feb 1910.
WWII records, Arthur R Granlund divorced, no dependents.
Ingrid Lucia Granlund 19 Aug 1901 St Louis, MN-28 Aug 1947 LA, CA as Lucille Granlund Morris.
Searching the CA Birth Index, I found no births under Morris or Lowther with mmn:Granlund.

Karen Norwillo
08-06-10, 17:31
Andrew Granlund b. 1871-6 Apr 1918 Duluth, St Louis, MN, MN Death Index, father: Gustave Granlund
Nevada Marriages 1956-2005
Ruth Lowther and Cecil R Aughey 3 Dec 1971 Las Vegas
Cecil R Aughey 6 Jun 1899 Iowa-21 Jun 1982 Santa Monica, LA, CA
At age 60, there would have been no children from this marriage of Ruth and Cecil.

08-06-10, 21:17
Tnx Karen!

I will send this information to my friend. But also hoping for possibly more information. I suppose he wishes to get in contact with living descendants if possible.

08-06-10, 21:37
It seems that the only chance to find possible living descendants is the marriage between Ingrid Lucille and John B. Morris. Due to my information he was born in California abt 1903 and they married before 1930. But I have no information of any children or the death date of her husband.

Karen Norwillo
09-06-10, 01:51
Lucille Morris died in 1947. I did not find a death for John B Morris, but there were many John Morris in the CA Death Index. As there were so many and he was born in CA, it's hard to dtermine which is him. There were no Morris children found on the CA Birth Index with mother's maiden name Granlund. I'll keep looking.