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June Pelo
26-12-03, 20:15
I have a request from Finland asking for help in finding information about any of these people:
- Johan Justus Silakka-Selin came to the US 1879-80 with Johan Jakob Johansson Silakka-Selin to Coos Bay, OR. He married Aina Vitick and they had a son Roy. I assume they all lived in Oregon.

- Johan Jakob Johansson Silakka-Selin, b. 1855 in Karleby, d. 1905, (above) had a farm together with Johan Ludwig Heinola-Hällsten-Stone somewhere in the US. Johan Jakob returned to Karleby, Finland in 1900 and married Ida Johanna Johansdotter Hilli. They had daughters Inez and Alice, b. 1902. Alice went to North Bend, OR and married Arvid Smeds from Smedsby, Vasa. He took the name Smith; they had a son Dean Smith.

If anyone has any information or suggestions, please contact me.

27-12-03, 17:02
Hi June,
I found a John Seline in Lake Precinct, Coos Co in the 1900 census. He was born Aug 1855, immigrated in 1879 and his naturalization was pending. He was a farmer.

Next door to John, living with a George and Lydia Robertson, is a "nephew", age 21 with a difficult to read first name: Juolises ? He was born in Finland but I wonder if there was a mistake and he should've been listed with John Seline. George was born in OR, parents in Scotland. Lydia was born in MO and parents in KY and MO. Seems strange.

This census was dated June 1, 1900.

27-12-03, 17:04
Just paged back to the index and they list the hard to read name as Julius.

27-12-03, 17:16
In North Bend Precinct in Coos Co, OR in 1910 there is a Justice J Seline with family. He was Swede-Finn age 34, married with 3 children. Looks like his immigration year is 1884.

Wife is Aina, age 34, Swede-Finn. Immigration year looks like 1902 or 1903.

First daughter's name is illegible, ???ia M., age 5, born OR
Next daughter, Ruth J, age 3
Son Bent C, age 2

Wonder if this Justice is the Julius listed as a nephew in same county in 1900???

Hope this helps.

June Pelo
27-12-03, 18:22
Thanks a million, Kevin. I don't have any other data, so I'll forward what you found on to Finland because they seem to be the same people.


01-03-04, 21:52
Hi June,

Likely this is not your guy but worth a try anyway. I could not find spelling Selin or Silakka when I tried the 1880 census.

Census place: North Bend, Coos, Oregon


01-03-04, 23:28
Hi June,

Here is the url for the Oregon State Archives

Of course Coos Bay isn't one of the counties included in the searchable database :( but it may be useful for later generations if they stayed in the state.

I searched the Heritage Quest 1910 census cd locating Justice J Selin age 33, for which Kevin has posted the information, and found two other Selin in OR.
SELIN Julia 27 b. Fin Multnomah 5-WD Portland 1286 1 280 B OR
SELIN Lauri 32 b. Fin Multnomah 2-WD Portland 1285 1 152 A OR

Found 22 Finnish born Selin type entries across America
on the cd, census details available if required.