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09-06-10, 21:21
Hi again!

A brother to Anders (in my previous thread) was August Gustafsson Granlund, b. 17 Sep 1871, Pedersöre, Kållby, Dalabäck, died 20 May 1934 in St. Louis, MN.

Anders' wife was Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Kristola, b.30 Nov 1877 in Bennäs, d. 12 May 1947 in USA.

The couple married 5 Apr 1903 and went to USA. After that no information about possible family. Could anyone find more information about them?

Karen Norwillo
10-06-10, 02:47
Here's the family in 1920 in Duluth, MN. Gust is a carpenter. Children Elna E 12, Verner J 8, Gunnar W 6, and Mildred L 3 1/12. MN Birth Index, Verner John Granlund 2 May 1911 mmn:Kristola. St Louis cty. He died 6 Aug 1971 in LA, CA. CA Death Index.
Census says all children born MN, but I can't find the rest of them in the Birth Index
Probably misspelled. Couldn't find them in 1930 census either.
Anna Lovisa Granlund died 12 Oct 1947 in Carlton county, MN. This may be either Anna. August died in St Louis county and Anna was listed as wife. She could have been with one of the children in Carlton county at time of death, but you have 12 May 1947 as death.
Found the rest of the children. All births St Louis county
Eleanor Elvera Granlund 27 Mar 1907 mmn:Kristala
William Gunnard Granlund 16 Mar 1913 mmn:Christola
Baby Granlund 5 Nov 1916 mmn:Kristula

10-06-10, 07:03
Oh, thank you, Karen!

I will send this information to my friend. Any possibilities to find the childrens' families?

Karen Norwillo
10-06-10, 18:02
I'll keep looking. I'll let you know if I find something new. I sent a request to a fellow volunteer in CA RAOGK to see if she can find an obit for Ruth Ellen Granlund Aughey. Unfortunately, there is no one listed in San Diego county willing to do obit look-ups or I'd ask for William Gunnar Granlund born 16 Mar 1913 and died 14 Jun 2002 in San Diego county, CA. I found his WWII Army enlistment in 1942 and it has him as married. I know Ruth belongs with Anders Granlund family and William with August Granlund. I also found the 1903 arrival of August and Anna Granlund on the Cedric. Says he was naturalized US citizen.

Karen Norwillo
10-06-10, 19:04
I found the San Diego Genealogical Society will do obit look-ups. I sent a request for William Gunnar Granlund's.

10-06-10, 21:57
Thank you Karen!

I will stay waiting...

Karen Norwillo
11-06-10, 17:40
Here's one of the obits, thanks to Peter Steelquist of the San Diego Genealogical Society.

18 Jun 2002 pg. B7

Granlund, William G. Born March 16, 1913 in Duluth, Minn passed away June 14, 2002 at San Diego Care Center in San Diego. Bill became a resident of San Diego in March 1941, returning to San Diego after Army service in Italy in WWII. He served in the banking industry beginning in 1930 and retired from the Bank of America in 1977. Bill was a long-time member of Faith Presbyterian Church, formerly College Park Presbyterian Church. His passion was the game of golf. Bill was preceded in death by his wife of 59 years, Elsie Alango, his brother Verner and sisters Eleanor Spearman Carmody and Mildred DiLucia. He is survived by his daughter, Barbara McQuitty, grandchildren Michael, Kristin Eldridge, Karen Overby, seven grandchildren, nephew, Jerry Spearman and wife Orel, Ron Spearman and wife Sharon and Bill Carmody. Services Wednesday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m. Greenwood Salli Lynn Chapel. Entombment Bible Masoleum. Donations to San Diego Hospice or your favorite charity. Greenwood Mortuary.

This gives us the married names of his two sisters and some living relatives.
Thank you, Peter. No charge for the look-up as as Peter and I are both volunteers for RAOGK.

Mildred L. DiLucia 4 Nov 1916-7 Dec 2001 San Diego, CA

Karen Norwillo
11-06-10, 20:20
I have alot more, but will send to your private email for privacy. Please PM me with your email.

13-06-10, 22:28
Just returned home from a trip to Viborg in Russia. I must say that I have problems to fill the names into my database. My english is not so good that I could put all these people into the right families. Could I ask for a description who belongs to whom?

Karen Norwillo
14-06-10, 00:08
August Gustafsson Granlund and Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Kristola
1. Eleanor Elvira
2. Verner John
3. Gunnard William or William Gunnard
4. Mildred L

Eleanor Elvera, James Frederick Spearman, Alphonse Carmody - Eleanor widowed, married twice
1. Gerald (Jerry) James Spearman
2. Ronald Dale Spearman
3. William Patrick Carmody
Verner John, probably never married
William Gunnard, wife unknown
1. Barbara Jean Granlund
Mildred L, Emmanuel DiLucia, no children found

The rest I will send to your email.

Karen Norwillo
14-06-10, 15:03
Add to above, William Gunnard's wife was Elsie Alango. Missed that from the obit.
Also found the Granlund's were members of Bethel Lutheran Church in West Duluth. In the 1928 membership was Granlund, August and Mrs. 822 East 3rd St. and Elna, Gunnar and Verner. I guess Mildred isn't considered a member until Confirmation.