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10-06-10, 00:06

I am looking for the death date of the above-mentioned person. He was born on 3. March 1862 and emigrated to Australia. He married 1890 Mary Rose Morton d. 1926. They lived in Victoria, Australia. He was apparently at least alive 1906/07 while children were born to him.
All help greatly appreciated.

June Pelo
10-06-10, 00:27
I wouldn't be surprised if this family was related to the late Leif Mether, administrator of the Finngen website. He died several years ago. I know that some members of his family emigrated from Finland, but I don't know where they went. I know that one of his ancestors was Nordström from Pedersöre.

10-06-10, 00:40
Dear June!

Yes, I live just one door above his daughter here in Åbo. All the information gathered by Leif Mether whom I knew quite well is now gathered at the regional archive of Åbo and I have gone through all the material of his family he had gathered before he died. This death-date I did, though, not find anywhere.
I am interested in this since i have relatives myself in the family Mether. Actually a brother of the aforementioned married to my relatives and some of his descendants live here in Åbo.
So, I am still hoping for some help!

June Pelo
10-06-10, 00:59
I remember there were several members on the Forum from Australia, but they haven't been active lately. As I recall, one of them offered to help with lookups in Australia - but that was some time ago.