View Full Version : In the beginning of the church books for Ylistaro

12-06-10, 21:44
it says,
Mördade af Ryssarne under ofredstiden och det mäst efter et grufveligt brännande och pinande, hvilkas namn klåckaren Anders Olofsson Hartwik uti en särdeles bok samma tid opskrifwit, men här emedan ledigt blad finnes efterkommandom til åminnelse af Kyrö sockens nederlag upföras.

Google came up with an outlandish translation for this paragraph. can anyone translate it? Does it have anything to do with the Cudgel War?

June Pelo
13-06-10, 16:40
It's old Swedish and seems to say murdered by the Russians during Storå Ofreden (the Great Wrath - the Northern War) - being tortured and burned, -- mentions klockare (parish clerk) Anders Olofsson Hartwik from a book - something about the page found following the commemoration of the defeat of something concerning Kyrö parish??