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June Pelo
13-06-10, 22:26
I have a request for help as follows. Would appreciate any help:

Matts Friiswell, b. 27.2.1862 Finland and his second wife Lizzie, b. 1856 Norway.

Matts immigrated to USA 25.1.1888 with his first wife Maria, b.1864. Maybe their destination was Michigan. Did Matts and Maria have children?

Matts remarried about 1895 to Lissie, b. 1856. Matts was a worker and may be also miner in Michigan (Calumet?)

Did Maria die before Matts’ second marriage with Lissie? What was Lizzie’s maiden name?

According to the 1900 census Matts and Lizzie had at least one child Inga Elisabeth by the name, b. 2.10.1898 Michigan.

It seems that Lizzie could have been married before that, because according to the 1900 census she would have three children.

When and where Matt Friiswell and his wife Lizzie die?

Did Inga Elisabeth marry? When and with whom? Any childen?

Inga Elisabeth was single when she visited Finland in early 1980 with Bill and Leila - they were younger than Inga.