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18-06-10, 04:29
I'm hitting a roadblock in trying to find the parents of my Great-Great Grandpa. His name was Isaak (Isak) Johanson Nordman Styf, born in Portom, Finland in 1879. He listed his parents names on his US marriage record as John and Anna, but I don't know how American-ized each of those names are. I know he had at least one sibling, a sister named Anna, who came to the US before him. They both came to Michigan, Issak arrived in 1899. I was hoping somone could help me find Finnish records of his family, as we know nothing about his life before he arrived here. I would love to know even just the real names of his parents. Thanks so much!

Karen Douglas
18-06-10, 13:25
Hi Maggie,

Welcome to Finlander Forum! I believe this name has been discussed here before. Here is the website that should take you to it, with the names of posters who have supplied the information. Good Luck in your search! Karen


27-06-10, 03:49
This might be a long shot but I have a great uncle named Isaac Johanson (Bask Farm) born May 8, 1880 in Portum Vasa, Finland & then moved to Two Harbors Minnesota. His parents were Johan (John) Johanson and Anna Erikson. His sister was my grandmother.
Let me know if this helps.

Karen Norwillo
27-06-10, 16:53
I think this may be your Isak. Born in Pörtom 4 July 1879. Parents Johan and Anna Nordman.

Karen Norwillo
27-06-10, 18:03
Here's the family in 1878-1889 and 1890-1901 Nordman farm #13. Notice they carry top entries down and repeat them as family grew.

Karen Norwillo
27-06-10, 18:04
1890-1901 Nordman

Karen Norwillo
27-06-10, 20:23
Here are the parents of Johan Abrahamsson, father of Isak. Abram Johansson Smått, born 10.1.1822 in Pörtom to Johan Johansson Smått and Anna. Discrepancy between Hiski and this Rippikirja in month. Looks like November on it; Hiski says January.
Abram Johansson Smått married Anna Greta Adolphsdotter Glader 6.12.1848 in Pörtom.
Also, Anna Lisa Simonsdotter was born Malax/Maalahti to Simon Henricsson and Stina Lisa Johansdotter on 18.6.1843. This is Isak's mother.

Karen Norwillo
27-06-10, 21:33
Month of birth was January, as found on FFHA Births.
Johan Johansson Smått married bd.o.kyrkovärdensdr. Anna Johansdotter Lång
31.5.1810 in Pörtom. They had at least 7 living children and several who died.
On 3.12.1831 bd.ankl Johan Johanss. Smått married Christina Mattsdr. Röji. They had several children.
Here's the 1834-1841 Smått family, with second wife Christina. Looks like it says they married in 1829. FFHA and Hiski says 1831.
So now you have several generations of the Smått-Nordman family.

28-06-10, 00:57
WOW Karen you rock haha! thank you so much! I am not as well versed in finnish records as I am in Swedish and I was feeling a bit defeated but this find is amazing! I am certain this is him and his family and I feel so excited to have found even his parents, let alone several generations!
Again, thank you for all that searching!

Karen Norwillo
28-06-10, 15:26
You're quite welcome.