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18-06-10, 18:31
I have a request for help from a friend.
Looking for Martti Olavi Taavettisson Koskinen, born 31 Oct 1917 Jyväskylä, Vaasa, Finland, moved to Helsinki between the years 1930-40. His parents were Emilia Gustafsdotter Rasinmäki- Rasi b. 29 Jul 1876Karstula, Vahanka, Ruuska, Haapaniemi, d. 26 Apr 1961 married 29 Jul 1916 Jyväskylä, Vaasa to Taavetti Obadja Willesson Koskinen b. 25 Jun 1872 Multia, Vaasa, d. 5 May 1937 Jyväskylä, Vaasa.
Martti had one brother that is known, Onni Emil b. 15 Apr 1902 Jyväskylä, d. 2 May 1968. Any help or further info. on the family would be greatly appreciated.

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Karen Norwillo
19-06-10, 15:38
Family search has Onni Emil Rasi-Koskinen married 16 Aug 1924 with no name of spouse given. All other vitals match.

Karen Norwillo
19-06-10, 21:56
Hiski has 25.6.1872 Multia, Mattila..pig. Karolina Hermansdotter...David Obadia öä
Here's Onni Eemil's birth. He, too, was born out-of-wedlock. That's why he probably used surname Rasi. I found him on a list Veteran Assoc. Membership Jyväskylä Region 1939, Onni Emil Rasi, monttööri (machinest)

20-06-10, 05:08
Hi Karen,
Thank-you for the further information...Wish something could be found on the brother Martti after moving to Helsinki. Supposedly he was a vagabond sort of person. I appreciate your time and effort.

Cousin Denise :)