View Full Version : Can't Read Church Book for Ylitornio, Alkula 1875-1880

26-06-10, 03:44
Can someone please help me if poosible to read this image from Suku. Here is the Link:


I am trying to see what it is saying for Karl Gustaf near end of second Page? Is it referencing to another page or did he move? I can't tell. If anyone could read this and let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

26-06-10, 08:47
Is this Carl Gustaf Stålnacke of the first family? If so, in the column titled "Came from" it says "Uleåborg (Oulu) m.b (med betyg = with certificate) 17/3 1880 No 22" and for August: Do (ditto = same) m.b. No 23. You can see the moving records for Carl Gustaf and August here: