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June Pelo
27-12-03, 02:12
Norden Newspaper, Dec. 18, 2003, had a full page article about Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch and her research on the descendants of Swedish Finn emigrants for her book "American Plus. Ethnic Identity of Finland-Swedish descendants in North America". She interviewed people in Seattle, Vancouver, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. There's also a picture of Suzanne with Professor Thomas DuBois, a former editor of the SFHS Quarterly.


Ingemar Ekman
14-01-04, 21:00
I have now got the book "American Plus", 251 pages including 19 pages with an extended summary in English, and some photos. A nice photo of Syrene and Don Forsman outside the SFHS office on page 64. I have not had time to read the book yet.


01-12-06, 20:22
Here is an article by the author on Swedish-Finns in America: