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01-07-10, 07:06
I am trying to find Kaisa Greta Jakobsdtr. Pisilä born Apr 20, 1837. I cannot find where she was born. She was married in 1871 in Siikajoki to Henrik Staffansson Ryhanen f. Mar 10, 1830. They had 7 Children in Siikajoki, Finland; Maria Fredrika f.1873, Johan Wiljami f.1875, Henrik f. 1877, Jakob f. 1878, Kaisa Kristina f. 1879, Liisa f.1882, and Henrik f. 1883.

If someone could please help me locate Kaisa Greta and her parents and siblings in the church records.

Tapio Rautio
01-07-10, 11:28

Here the birthtime is 20.07.1837 Salo.

Here the birthtime is 20.08.1837

Here the family is moving from Saloinen to Pyhäjoki in 1845.

Pyhäjoki - moved (in)

Years 1845 - 1845
First name: JACO => Jacob
To From
Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place

19.6.1845 Pyhäjoki Församling bd. Jacob Anderss. Erikkilä Salo

original - ALKUPKOMM: hu. Lisa Johsdr, b.n: Caisa Greta, Jacob och Matts
original - TALLKOMM: no18

Pyhäjoki - christened

Years 1810 - 1810
Father's first name: AND => Anders
Child's first name: JACO => Jacob
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

26.8.1810 28.8.1810 And. Mattss. Erickilä Caisa Jacob

Hailuoto - Karlö - christened

Years 1813 - 1813
Father's first name: JOH => Johan, Johannes
Father's patronymic: MÅRT => Mortens, Mårtnson, Mårtns.
Child's first name: LISA => Elisabet
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

1.2.1813 2.2.1813 Kyrkoby Bd. måg. Joh. Mårtenss. Procko Greta Johansd:r 30-35 Lisa

Saloinen - christened

Mother's first name: LISA => Elisabet
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

20.8.1837 22.8.1837 B.måg. Jacob Sjuatinaho Lisa 20-25 Caisa Gretha

9.2.1839 12.2.1839 B.måg. Jacob Sjuvatinaho Lisa 25-30 Anders

20.9.1840 22.9.1840 B.måg. Jacob Sjuvatinaho Lisa 25-30 Johannes

13.11.1843 1843 B.måg. Jacob Sjuatinaho Lisa 30-35 Carl

11.11.1844 13.11.1844 B.måg. Jacob Sjuvatti Lisa 30-35 Matts


Karen Norwillo
01-07-10, 17:29
I found the births of the children in Siikajoki. Father listed as Henrik Nygård. This is from FFHA. I did not find the first Henrik in 1877, but he must have died before the second Henrik was born in 1883. I need to do in two posts. I cropped and tried to enhance. Quality of some poor.

Karen Norwillo
01-07-10, 17:31
Here's the others.
10.3.1830 Valkiais 14 farm, Iisalmen mrsk, Tp Staffan Ryhänen and Lovisa Leinonen...Henrik. from Hiski

01-07-10, 17:54
Thank you so much Tapio. I would have never have figured that out. Again thank you!:) :)

Tapio Rautio
01-07-10, 18:07

The marriage was at july 17. 1873.



Tapio Rautio
01-07-10, 18:11
Through Karens and my tips, Kaisa Gretas ancestry takes You to totally
different areas.



Tapio Rautio
01-07-10, 18:21

The island outside Oulu, Hailuoto. Shark island.



Karen Norwillo
01-07-10, 19:44
Thanks, Tapio. I didn't think to go ahead a few years. Glad our info agrees. Here's the family in 1880 Siikajoki, Nygård. Last two children not born yet, others too young to be named. Note there is a Thomas Pisilä below them.

Tapio Rautio
01-07-10, 20:54
Karen, all Your contributions here are nice reading!



Tapio Rautio
02-07-10, 11:29
This family sure didn´t keep still. :)

Pyhäjoki - moved (out)

From To
Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place

1.7.1847 Pyhäjoki Församling bd. Jacob Anderss. Pisilä Salo

original - ALKUPKOMM: hu. Lisa Johansdr, b.n: Caisa Gretha, Jacob, Nikodemus
original - TALLKOMM: no12


Lisa dies in 1863

Jacob dies in 1868



Tapio Rautio
02-07-10, 11:50
November 6. 1863 Lisa Johansdr

August 14. 1868 Jakob Andersson


Karen Norwillo
02-07-10, 15:54
Other births for Staffan Ryhänen and Lovisa Leinonen in Iisalmem msrk

8.8.1828 Valkiais 17...Vilhelm
10.3.1830 " 14...Henrik
21.3.1832 Kilpisaari 9...Johan
16.8.1834 " 2..Anna Caisa
24.7.1836 Johan
4.9.1839 Pastorsbohlet..Abel
7.2.1843 Pastoratet..Henrika

15.11.1846 Jacob Andersson Pisilä and Lisa..Nicodemus

03-07-10, 09:21
Thank you so much Karen and Tapio for all your hard searching. I so appreciate it. This has given me much to add and also to research. I am now going to go and do more research on Staffan Ryhanen and Lovisa Leinonen. I will start with the information that Karen has posted about that family and go from there. :)

Tapio Rautio
03-07-10, 09:58
Happy hunting! :)