View Full Version : Help with Church Records Iisalmen MSRK 1839-1849

20-07-10, 12:26
Can someone help me understand what the pg numbers and other information is on this page.


I am trying to track down what happened to the Ryhanen family on Upper Right Corner of 2nd page. I see that some of the siblings went to Siikajoki but I can't tell how to find them. Also I see N.B.B. on that page what does that mean? Thanks so much. :)

20-07-10, 15:30
The family is said to have come from page 176 of the old children's book. Son Wilhelm has gone to page 328 year 1845 (I think), probably to work there. Son Henrik has moved to Siikajoki 1846 and brother Johan 1851. I cannot read what their sister Anna Caisa did, obviously year 1851. Rest of the family moved to page 746. There is nothing here to show where in Siikajoki they moved and the priest was not even interested, his responsibility ended when he wrote them the attest they had to give out to the priest of the other parish. Here it is told that Johan got attest number 113 dated 29/12 1851. If there is a record for him (and Henrik) in the list of persons who have moved into Siikajoki (in Siikajoki church archive), it would probably tell where he settled in there. Otherwise it is not easy, if they did not move out, get married, die, or somehow got their names in the history books (born & christened, married, died & buried, moved out/in.

I have only ever seen NB (not NBB) which is the priests reminder to himself (Nota Bene), but the reason is often anybody's guess.