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27-07-10, 17:33

My name is Hilary Lundberg. I'm here using Finlander for genealogy research that I started earlier this year. My great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Karlskoga, Sweden and my great-grandmother came from Maxmo, Finland. It's been quite a journey trying to find information on the both of them but has become quite addicting as well. I look forward in communicating with new people going through the same sort of process that I'm going through.

Hilary Lundberg

28-07-10, 00:17
Welcome Hilary, you came to the right place it is a wealth of information from the members here. We'll be glad to help you out in any way.


28-07-10, 01:19
Thanks Marcy. I've been on the boards for less than one day and I'm already shocked at how much I have learned. I've even called my 66 year old father a bunch of times and told him things he's never learned about his own grandmother. It's just fantastic that there are people willing to help so much.