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31-12-03, 13:39
The newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet writes:

Finlands population is 5.220.000 persons
population increase since last year +0,3%, ie. 13.700 persons
births 56.400 (+800)
deaths 48.200 (-1.200)
26.000 marriages
13.300 divorces
200 partnership registrations
population growth in 8 "landskap" and decrease in 9
Savolax and Lapland has the largest decrease in the population
the population has grown the most in Nyland
275.000 households have moved to another municipality during the year
17.400 persons have immigrated to Finland
12.000 persons have emigrated from Finland
two new towns in Finland after New Year: Pudasjärvi and Ylöjärvi (this means that our Torbjörn Nikus finally is a "stadsbo"!! Congratulations!)
Pudasjärvi will be Finlands largest town, measured by area - not population!
Finland has 444 municipalities/towns starting 2004