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June Pelo
05-08-10, 23:39
I have a request for help as follows. Could someone give us some clues:

Do you have much knowledge of the Finnish Newspapers that are Online. If so could you possible help me look for or even point me in the right direction to look for Henrik Staffansson Nygard (Ryhanen) b. mar. 10. 1830. He married to Brita Pehrsdtr. Karhu b. 1825 d. 1865. I was wondering if there would be any information on the Death of Brita Ryhanen (Karhu). She died in 1865 somewhere in the Oulu area. It was said that she drowned I think. I am not entirely sure on where she died. I believe that the family moved over to the Siikajoki area I thought before she died. Henrik remarried to Kaisa Greta Pisila b. 1837. If you might be able to find anything in the newspapers regarding anything about this family.

06-08-10, 19:34
Take a look here. She drowned i her 40th year along with 4 people. (I think) It´s difficult to read the old letters.

June Pelo
06-08-10, 20:43

Thanks a million for that. I'll see that it's passed along.