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June Pelo
06-08-10, 21:29
Ruth Anderson celebrated her 111th birthday on July 25, 2010. She lives in Marshall, MN and still reads newspapers, her Bible and other books in Swedish and English, and plays Scrabble. (She and my father had something in common - at age 90 he loved to play Scrabble.) After hearing of her daily games of Scrabble, the CEO of the game maker sent her a $300 version of the game.

Ruth Peterson Anderson is the granddaughter of Swedish immigrants, born 1899 on a farm near Balaton, MN and she learned English when she went to school. She went to secretarial school in Mankato and was an office worker in Minneapolis for six years.

She is the 47th oldest person in the world - the 13th oldest American - listed by the Gerontological Research Group in California, which validates "supercentenarians" 110 or older (www.grg.org). The oldest American is Eunice Sanborn of Texas, who turned 114 in July. Anderson is part of two national studies of centenarians. Recently a blood sample was taken from her to help determine why some people have very long lives.

June Pelo
07-08-10, 00:02
I just had a letter from another older relative who lives in Santa Clarita, CA. He is 99 and is still painting and writing novels and plays. He recently had an art show and sold four paintings. He complains that his legs are weak and he can't walk far! I'm not sure how to classify him: his father was Norwegian and his mother was a Swede-Finn.