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M. Waters
31-12-03, 16:37
Just a simple wish for a wonderful new year for everyone on the list, in the forum...whatever. I had a lovely surprise in a Christmas letter from Replot, Finland....a 42-page document of hundreds of ancestors/descendants in that area, all part of my mother's family in the Vasa area. My New Year will begin with work on that! If anyone is interested in the surnames and farm names included, I would welcome a message about that. Gott Ny År to all! Marguerite Johnson Waters.

June Pelo
31-12-03, 18:11

You are one lucky girl. I know this isn't the first time you have received a lot of new data about your ancestors and relatives. Good to hear from you again.


03-01-04, 04:48
Dear Midge,
I've been out of touch since roughly Oct 23, but am enjoying renewing my links with the forum. Thought I would just mention that about 4 years ago, while at Stundars Museum in Solf, I bought a sweater knit by a mormor in Replot, Lillia Valgrund to be exact, which the lady I consider my most elegant friend, admires to the point of asking if the mormor might consider knitting one for her! Just leave out the tiny red knit stitches in the body. What Vesla really wants are the beautiful bands at cuff, collar, and hipline. These are adaptations of what the farmer/boatmasters used to wear as belts strong enough to bear the keys to Everything while on the sea to Stockholm, etc, to sell salt fish, hides, wool, tar etc.
Now that Replot is so readily available via the new bridge, it may be that those sweaters will be easier to purchase. But I can say simply that I have treasured that sweater and have worn it to both formal affairs at the Nordic Heritage Museum, and Finland's Expatriate Parliament!
Må gott alla finlandsvenskar under det nya året, och fira frid varje dag, sprida det till var och en Ni träffas.
Have fun with your new material!