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11-08-10, 20:07
I am seeking information about my Great Grandfather, Matts Mattsson Peurala

He was also known as Matts Mattsson Takamäki

Unconfirmed information indicates he was born 25 Dec 1845 (unverified),
parish unknown.

He married Susanna (Sanna) Sigfridsdotter Ohls in Lapua parish on
20 June 1869 - This was verified in the parish record book. At the
time of the marriage he was listed as Matts Mattsson Takamäki


His children's christening records give his name as Matts Mattsson Peurala


So... I am seeking where he was born/christened, the names of his parents and any other
information which will aid in completing a huge family tree my eldest son has created.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Respectfully, Pete Peurala

June Pelo
12-08-10, 00:28
Hiski shows 9 parishes with 36 Takamäki names; there are 11 parishes with 115 Peurala names.

Ilmajoki parish has Matts Isaksson Kahl married 6 Mar 1843 to Hedvig Adamsdotter. They had 5 children born in Peurala village:
- Johan, b. Nov 1833
- Isak, b. 28 Feb 1836
- Jacob, b. 14. May 1838
- Caisa, b. 19 Jul 1839
- Matts, b. 6 Mar 1843 (could he be your Matts?)
By 1847 Matts Isaksson had a new wife named Beata.

There is a soldier Isak Kahl and wife Caisa Mattsdotter listed in Ilmajoki in 1810 and they had 6 children. But Isak and Caisa didn't have a son named Matts, so probably isn't father of Matts Kahl above.

Lapua records show Matts Mattsson Takamäki, married in 1869 to Sanna Sigfridsdotter Ahl and they had 2 children:
Matts, b. 1870 and Sanna, b. 1878.

June Pelo
12-08-10, 00:36
The Talko database has 2 entries for Matts Mattsson Takamäki-Peurala and Sanna Ohls and their 3 children. Info. is included for Sanna's parents, but no info. on where Matts was born, nor his parents. They list Matts as born 25 Dec 1845 and d. 24 Sep 1892 in the US.

There are also 3 Takamäki names indicating living individuals.

Tapio Rautio
12-08-10, 10:14
Hi Pete!

Some material for You to look in to. :)

Look at the attached picture, above Takamäki, it looks to me as Seinäjoki,
and the family is moving to Nykarleby 23.5.1884.

This is from Seinäjoki and down on the page is Mats Jakob Matsson Takamäki
and wife Sanna Amalia. Their daughter Serafia is moving to Lapua 26.06.1870,
nr 12.

Here Serafia is on the right side nr.12.

Mats Takamäki and Sanna Ohls in Lapua at Härsilä Peurala, last person on this
page is the maid Serafia Matsdr Takamäki arriving 1870 from Seinäjoki.

From hiski Seinäjoki:
Syntynyt Kastettu Kylä Talo Isä Äiti Lapsi

5.8.1844 6.8.1844 Seinäjoki bd Matheus Mattss Yli Martila dr Susan Amalia Caisas Anna Evelina

25.12.1845 26.12.1845 Seinäjoki bd son Matheus Mattss Yli Martila Amalia Matts Jacob

3.2.1848 6.2.1848 Seinäjoki tp Matts Mattss Martila Amalia Ida Catharina

9.6.1852 13.6.1852 trp Matts Takluoma Amalia 28 Ida Serafia

30.7.1855 5.8.1855 Martila trp Matts Takaluoma Amalia 32 Sanna

11.12.1857 13.12.1857 trp Matts Takaluoma Amalia 33 Maria

Married Nurmo

Nurmo - vihityt

Kuul. Vihitty Kylä Talo Mies Vaimo Kylä Talo

2.7.1843 bd: Matts Jacob Mattss: Martila p: Susanna Amalia Kaisasdr Y:Martila


Tapio Rautio
12-08-10, 13:16
The older records from Seinäjoki can be found in Nurmo.



Karen Norwillo
13-08-10, 03:54
This looks like the moving record for the family 23.5.1884.

16-08-10, 19:27
Tapio Rautio:

Based upon the treasure of information that you gave, I have been able
to not only resolve the Matts Mattsson Peurala (Takamäki, Takaluoma,
Yli Martila, Martila) mystery, I have also been able to track down his
father and mother and several of his siblings which we had not known about!
Not to mention THEIR progeny :)

It was VERY interesting to see how many times his "surname" changed
when moving from one village/farm to another. Frustrating but also
very educational.

It is helpful people like yourself and others on this forum that make
genealogical research a rewarding endevour. Saying a simple "thanks"
does not adequately express the gratitude of myself, my sons, their
chidren and many, many other relatives who descended from
Matts Mattsson Peurala.

The information you provided has filled in a large part of our Peurala
branch of the "tree". Only one very small question still remains, that
is the date/place of death of Matts Mattsson Peurala (Takamäki, Takaluoma,
Yli Martila). A minor thing and will be looked into more deeply in the
future :)

This weekend begins a "multi-cemetery crawl" to find and photograph gravestones
and markers for relatives on my wife's side of the family - Should be
great fun! (Or, maybe not! :eek: )

A heartfelt THANK YOU from myself and the other "Reindeer" (Peurala) people on this side
of the Atlantic!

With great respect,

- Pete Peurala -

16-08-10, 19:55
Ms June,

Thank you for the information as well as that given in another forum :)

I'm still in a quandry over his death date and location. That date and "USA"
information came from my 4th cousin's Lindvall family tree but he wasn't able to
provide me with a verifiable source for the data. I suspect the Talko
information you mentioned is from his GED. I try not to just copy/paste"
info from other's GED's, etc. I guess its the engineer in me that always
wants specific data :)

As an aside, the "Ahl" misnomer for Sanna (Susanna) resulted from a faulty
transcription of the original parish record book. Analysis of the church scribe's
handwriting indicates her maiden name was Ohls. (Had to call in a favor
from a Pennsylvania Crime Lab friend to get that analysis :) ) Thanks to
a couple of good graphics enhancement programs I was able to enhance
most, not all, of the various parish book page scans from the http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/
parish archives. That helped immensely when trying to read the "ink blotted"
cursive script handwriting on those records.
All in all, rather a fun endeavour :)

Again, thanks!

- Pete -

16-08-10, 20:01
Ms Karen-

Thank you for the input :)

(Lets make the gnat the Official Pennsylvania Insect! :mad: :D )

- Pete -

June Pelo
16-08-10, 20:44

I'm glad that you were able to get answers to so many of your questions. And, yes, most of us are aware of how names changed as families moved from place to place. Hopefully, you'll find the missing death date and place. I have a distant relative whose death date has never been discovered despite the fact that his family knows an approximate year and place. Evidently the data had fallen through the cracks way back when..

Tapio Rautio
16-08-10, 21:12
Thank You for the thanking Pete! :)

I´m sure You allready know this, the farms of Your intrest can
be found in several parishes. From the younger to the elder,
Seinäjoki, Nurmo then Ilmajoki at last.

I can see that Yli-Martila comes in Your ancestry two times.

The oldest ones being Valentin Johansson 1637-1715, his wife
Lisa Thomasdr 1641-02.02.1711.


The most of Your ancestors can be traced to the middle of 1600, because of the good quality of the Ilmajoki church-records.

Happy hunting! :)


Karen Norwillo
18-08-10, 00:43
Thanks, Pete. Right now I'd vote for the mosquitos.:D