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Karen Davies
31-12-03, 19:20
Saloon vaimonsa kanssa 08.07.1824.

Does this mean his wife died in Salo on this date?

Thank you!

Leo Furu
31-12-03, 23:20
I think he moved to Salo with his wife on that date.

Happy New Year! Leo

Karen Davies
01-01-04, 00:34
Thank you, Leo.

Jaska Sarell
02-01-04, 01:58
Unless you already knew, a tiny bit of information may be proper here.
I think the parish referred here is that of Saloinen, which was earlier called Salo. It situates near the town of Raahe (Sw. Brahestad) on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia. It should not be confused with the town of Salo in the SW Finland, east of Turku.

:) Jaska

Karen Davies
02-01-04, 06:46
That's helpful. Thank you, Jaska.