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19-08-10, 11:31
I have searched the family for a long time. Finally found a family in Norway and there revealed that the family would have changed in the 1880s America. Now I ask the help from this forum to find some information about the family in America. Obviously, in New Hampshire area. According to information there, they moved.

The family information;
Father Matti Matinpoika s.19.7.1826 Sodankylä and wife Elsa Nilsintytär s.25.7.1829 Sodankylä
Johan Abram p.4/2/1855
Olof p. 8/10/1857
Hanna p.12/10/1860
Elsa Kristine P.25/01/1865

19-08-10, 15:02
I can't do much searching w/o a possible last name they used in New Hampshire.
Do you have that?

19-08-10, 15:12
I have no information on the surname. Norway surnames disappeared and became a Mattissen and Mattisdottir. Names and dates of birth are the only data.


Tapio Rautio
19-08-10, 17:34
Hello Jennifer and Seppo!

By reading this forum, question by Seppo:

Elsa Nilsdaughters last name in Finland was Kelontekemä,
Mats Matssons last names in Finland was Riippa, Portti or Porttikangas and Mattila.



Tapio Rautio
20-08-10, 13:36

My friend Gry from Norway found this:

"I have found their son Ole in census 1875 i Syd-Varanger, Finnmark. Their daughter Hanna (Johanna) got married in Norway 1879.
I cant find any of them in the emigrantlists.."


:Marie Helena was born: 19 March 1884, Sør Varanger, Finnmark.
:Parents: Johan Erik Nilsen Tervaniemi and Johanne Mathisdatter Portino. They were married 7 Dec. 1879.
:Johan wollert 26 Oct. 1880
:Nils Petter 19 July 1882
:Marie Helene 19 March 1884
:Fritjof 2 June 1885
:Johan Erik Nilsen Tervaniemi Born: 27 April 1849, Tervaniemi, Kittila, Finland
:Parents: Nils Nilsen Salmyjærvi (2 May 1824) & Caisa Greta Isaacsdatter (9 Nov. 1824)
:Children of Nils and Caisa Greta:
:Johan Erik 1849
:Isaak 1851
:Maria 1854
:Pehr 1856
:Kristina Wilhelmina 1861
:Nils 1865
:Johanne Mathisdatter Portino Born: 16 Oct. 1860, Sodankyla, Finland.
:Parents: Mathis Portino & Else Nilsdatter
:Nils Nilsen Salmyjærvi Born: 2 May 1824 Sallmyjærvi, Kittila, Finland.
:Parents: Nils Salmyjærvi & Christina Tienfru (married 27 Nov. 1819)
:Margrete 1821
:Nils 1824
:Johan 1828


20-08-10, 15:02
Thank you Tapio,

Thanks for the information. Information was very important. And also thanks to the new link. Perhaps it is now easier to find relatives in Norway.

Tapio Rautio
21-08-10, 17:10
Hi Seppo!

Maybe more info to be found, if You write to Ebeltoft: