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31-08-10, 14:50
I am looking for information about my Finnish grandmother, Esther Kanervo from Kymi, Finland. She lived in Detroit and Seattle. Her parents were Michael and Ellen Kanervo. She married and divorced my grandfather, Mark Andrich Marinera. About 1922 she moved to Seattle, Washington and married and later divorced Oscar Bergstrom. She is listed in the 1930 Census as living in the Seattle, Washington area. She had two known siblings, Reino and Reinhold Kanervo who were resisdents of the United States.

Karen Norwillo
31-08-10, 15:29
What exactly are you looking for? It's much easier to help if we know what you hope to learn. Are you looking for info from the States or Finland or both?

31-08-10, 16:05
I never knew my grandmother. I want to know anything I can learn about her family, her life, and where she is buried. I know I have family that I have never met.

Karen Norwillo
31-08-10, 16:12
I don't know if you have these, but... Esther Bergstrom died 7 Dec 1987 in Seattle. (Ancestry) She was born 17 Mar 1895 in Kymi. She filed her Declaration of Intent 23 Nov 1927, already divorced, and was Naturalized 10 Jul 1929. Says came to US 14 Jun 1913 on SS Campania. Migration Institute in Finland has passenger Ester Kanervo 28.05.1913 to Corning, NY.
Brother Reino born 16 Jul 1887. Naturalized. Was married to someone named Anna, but at the time of his Naturalization he didn't know where she was.
Reinhold Kanervo came to US 3.1.1912 to Corning, NY and again on a passenger list for 29.8.1933 to NY.

Karen Norwillo
31-08-10, 16:43
Here's Anna and daughter Mildred going to Detroit to join Reino. Coming from Toronto. Looks like both Reino and Reinhold were glassblowers. Probably why they went to Corning. Many glass factories there.

31-08-10, 16:51
Yes, that is what I have found, also. The Seattle Library System did an obituary search. It stated that Esther Bergstrom's maiden name was Bergstrom. Unless the obit. was incorrect, I thought that was the wrong Esther Bergstrom. I will send for a copy of the death certificate - then I will know for sure. Thank you for your help. I have looked for her since I was a young girl.

Karen Norwillo
31-08-10, 16:56
It's always possible the persons who gave the info for the obit didn't really know the correct info. The death certificate may not have any better info if the informant didn't know. Good luck.

31-08-10, 17:27
My uncles were glassblowers. I have a glass globe made by them when my mother was born. Thanks so much for helping to confirm that I am on the right track.