View Full Version : Heikki and Matti

June Pelo
01-09-10, 21:01
Heikki and Matti both applied for the same job at the U.P. power plant in Marquette.

After filling out the application, it was determined that both men had the same qualifications. So, the department manager decided to give both men a test with 10 questions.

After both men completed the test, and the manager looked at the results, he said that both men had nine correct answers, but he decided to give the job to Matti.

Heikki asked the manager, "How come you decided to give the job to Matti instead of me? After all we were both qualified, and both got nine answers correct."

Manager: "Well, it was because of the incorrect answer. You both missed question number 5. On question 5, Matti wrote, 'I don't know', and you, Heikki, wrote, 'Needer do i.'"