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Karen Douglas
04-01-04, 00:01
A few months ago someone contacted me, independently by email, about an Erik
Kjerp and a Rolf Ronnqvist. I have misplaced the sender's address. Would you
please contact me again? Thanks! Karen Douglas

24-01-04, 10:30
Is your qustion arund these.
I am interested of Rolf Rnnqvist and if he has eny family.

Kjerp, Erik Johansson. Born 15/7 1849 in Bergby Vr. Died 29/12 1904 in Bergby Vr.

Father Fors, Johan Eriksson. Born 13/10 1824 in Reipelt Vr. Died 10/12 1867 in Bergby Vr.
Mother Kjerp, Anna Lisa Simonsdotter. Born 28/1 1822 in Vr, Bergby.
Married to
Smeds, Beata Eriksdotter. Born 20/6 1842 in Reipelt Vr. Died 28/7 1906 in Bergby Vr. Father: Smeds, Erik Eriksson. Born 10/6 1810 in Rejpelt. Died 28/7 1860. Mother: Kastus, Anna Eriksdotter. Born 4/10 1808 in Rejpelt. Died 19/12 1890.
Child Talus, Johan Eriksson. Handelsbitrde. Born 25/7 1869 in Vr, Bergby.
Talus, Erik Eriksson. Born 9/3 1871 in Vr, Bergby. Died 1/1 1940 in Amerika.
Talus, Anna Lisa Eriksdotter. Born 10/12 1872 in Vr, Bergby. Died 18/12 1934 in Amerika. Married to Wst, Johannes Andersson. Born 4/9 1876 in Vr, Rejpelt. Died 25/10 1919 in Amerika.
Talus, Maria Eriksdotter. Born 26/12 1874 in Vr, Bergby. Died 4/10 1970 in Amerika.
Talus, Lovisa Eriksdotter. Born 26/11 1876 in Bergby Vr. Died 5/8 1954 in Bergby Vr. Married to Ollil, Erik Johansson. Born 28/11 1875 in Bergby Vr. Died 21/5 1946 in Bergby Vr.
Talus, Karl Eriksson. Born 24/1 1879 in Vr, Bergby. Died 4/10 1970 in Amerika.
Talus, Johanna Eriksdotter. Born 17/5 1882 in Vr, Bergby. Died 12/8 1933 in Vr, Bergby. Married to Ollil, Anders. Bonde. Born 4/9 1885 in Vr, Bergby. Died 12/11 1918 in Vr, Bergby.

Rnnqvist, Rolf. Born 4/7 1919 in USA.
Father Rnnqvist, Isak Alfred. Born 22/3 1894 in Munsala. Died 11/10 1920 in USA.
Mother Kjerp, Anna Sofia. Born 17/9 1890 in Vr. Died 18/3 1967 in Vasa.

Henrik Mang

Karen Douglas
24-01-04, 15:04
Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I am looking for some information on Erik Kjerp and his "Dancing Automobile." Rolf Rnnqvist sent me a copy of a photograph of Erik in his auto several years ago. Rolf said Erik was an "inventor." It was allegedly taken in Pontiac, Michigan.

Since then, I have tried to find out when and where this automobile was manufactured - and if it did, indeed, have some "unique" qualities! However, I have looked through numerous books and magazines on automobiles, talked to automotive historians, visited automotive museums, and consulted with several genealogists, but have found no information on Erik or this automobile.

I also wrote to Rolf, hoping he would be able to give me some additional information and, specifically, tell me where the original photograph was published. It looks like it was published in a magazine. I have had no response, but that is not surprising. Rolf is an elderly gentleman. Several months ago, I received a personal email from someone who told me he visits Rolf on occasion. I was hoping this person would be able to obtain the information that I am looking for.

Have you ever heard any stories about Erik and his inventions, or specifically, about this automobile?

Karen Douglas

24-01-04, 16:31
I do not have eny informatin about the Automobil, but it was wery interesting. I hope yoy can get contact with the rigt person.
Henrik Mangs