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21-09-10, 14:23
Hi there again! :D

I have been researching the Knuts and now found out there was even one more Knuts, Ida Susanna. She was born in Vexala, Finland (Munsala) dec 6 1896 and died dec 14 1933. I just wonder if she emigrated too, many of her siblings did. I tried Ellis, but didn´t find the right one.
Her parents were Isak Kristiansson Knuts
aug 17 1845-febr 19 1919
married jun 25 1877 to
Kajsa Greta Andersdotter Smeds
sept 10 1853-dec 2 1947

June Pelo
21-09-10, 15:54
I have the parents in my database and they had a daughter Sofia, b. 1894, who married Otto Näs and they moved to Canada 1928.

21-09-10, 17:15
Hello ! Arne Nylund have Ida Susanna Knuts Died in Kantlax Munsala 14 dec 1933.

21-09-10, 20:45
You are right, June. But they returned back to Finland later. Otto & Sofia were ggf and ggm of my son-in-law.

I know a person who may give more information. Gösta Näs is the son of Otto & Sofia and if you would like to have more information I could contact him for you.


23-09-10, 09:25
Ok, wow..so this means that there was one more sister. My mother remembers Sofia (Fia) and knows about her children/grandchildren. And Ida died young, and wasn´t married.
Would be interesting to know where to Canada Otto and Sofia went, did they visit Sofias brothers? And dou you have info about Sofia´s other siblings? I have made a lot of research about the Knuts siblings who left for America and about their children and grandchildren there.