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June Pelo
23-09-10, 16:32
I have a request from someone trying to find the names of the ships that brought her ancestors to the US. Is it possible to find them knowing just their names and the year they came from Finland:

Albert Andersson Herström, 1843-1918 - to US 1881.

Lena Mattsdotter Möller, 1844-1905 - to US 1882.

Both lived in East Tawas, MI.

24-09-10, 20:07
Hi June,
From looking at LDS (familysearch) it appears the family Herström was from Denmark. Maybe someone has an idea where to get passenger records from Denmark. I found this online but am not familiar with research in Denmark.

Love, Denise :)

June Pelo
24-09-10, 20:37

We know for sure this family came from Karleby, Finland and have found the family records there. But we don't know if they left from Finland via England to the US, or via Sweden, or?? They came over too early for Ellis Island records. They kept the family name when they emigrated and they still use it today - without umlauts. I suppose they could have traveled from Finland to Denmark and then to the US....

Thanks for checking.

24-09-10, 21:59
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24-09-10, 22:01
Hey Denise and June,
This from familysearch beta version, the names are just so similar
09 Nov 1957
Death Place Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Name Anne Hendrickson Herstrom
Gender Female
Age 58y
Birth Date 19 Feb 1899
Birthplace Minneapolis, Minnesota
Marital Status Widow
Spouse Albert Herstrom
A second wife perhaps?
Unfortunately, no results at CastleGarden either.
Maybe they immigrated via Canada?
It befuddles me (an easy task) how people can be found in the 1600s in Finland and then disappear when and if they come to the US.

June Pelo
25-09-10, 00:12

I'm sure that has to be the family. Albert Herstrom was married to Alma Anna Hendrickson and they lived in Montana and had 2 children. He died in 1933 in Montana, and I don't know what happened to Anna. Anna was b. 1889 in Minneapolis and Albert was born in Finland. Since he can't be found in any records, I'm wondering if he came through Canada.

Thanks for that info. I'll pass it along.

June Pelo
25-09-10, 20:35
Is anyone familiar with a database EmiHamn? I'm helping someone try to find emigration records of her relatives from Finland. She thinks that one or two may have come via Sweden, and we wanted to check that database for:

Anders Andersson Herström, b. 17 Sep 1843, Finland, and his wife Helena Mattsdotter Möller - Herström, b. 21 Oct 1844, Finland. Anders came to the US 1881 and she came 1882. The name was spelled Härström in Finland.

Karen Norwillo
25-09-10, 21:18
I have gotten records from Emihamn when I was a member of the Genline genealogical site there, but I don't presently have it anymore. When I would post requests, other member would send me the emigration details. Maybe someone here has a current subscription and will post it on Anbytarforum. I just checked and the site is now free to post a message on Anbytarforum. I registered and as soon as I get acceptance, I will post a request for someone to look at the records for those names. Are you looking for Albert or Anders?

June Pelo
25-09-10, 22:17

Just got this message from her:
"I think I found them in the Swedish emmigration information on ancestry however, I don't have the full membership. I can only see US stuff. According to this it says their last destination was Chicago, which makes sense. It's close to Michigan and they could have travelled by land the rest of the way. They were going to E. Tawas, MI."

She's looking for Anders Andersson Herström/Härström, b. 1843 - to US 1881 and his wife Lena/Helena, b. 1844, came in 1882, but we don't know if she came via Sweden. No doubt she had 5 children with her.