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Tracy Boeldt
04-01-04, 11:25
Hi all!
Hope everone had a good and joyous holidays! I just got the Family Tree Marker for Xmas and I not getting how to do a Gedcom from this program--I had no problem setting up the web page, but I am having a problem with the Gedcom file. Any suggestions?

04-01-04, 13:02
I got this instruction once from somebody on the list, maybe Kevin?

To export your Family File to GEDCOM:

1. From the File menu, select Copy/Export Family File (ALT, F, C).
2. Click the Save as type drop-down list and select GEDCOM (*.GED).
3. In the File name field, type a name for the GEDCOM file._ It must have the extension .GED.
4. In the Save in fields, select the drive and folder where you want to place your file.
5. Click Save._

Family Tree Maker displays the Export to GEDCOM dialog box.

6. Make your selections from the dialog box._ Each of the options is described below.

File Type_ The "Destination" field allows Family Tree Maker to check for special requirements of the program that will read the GEDCOM file._ The table below will help you make a selection._ FTW offers the most complete export; select it if you plan to later re-import the file into Family Tree Maker for Windows._ If the program you are exporting to is not listed, choose FTM.

Select this To create this type of file
FTM Family Tree Maker for DOS
FTW Family Tree Maker for Windows <-----------------------------------THIS
TempleReady Temple submission to LDS Church
PAF Personal Ancestral File, 2.1 or later
ROOTS Roots II, Roots III, Roots IV, Roots V, Visual Roots
When you make a selection in the "Destination" field, Family Tree Maker makes suggestions for the "GEDCOM" and "Character set" fields._ However, if Family Tree Maker's suggestions are incorrect for your purposes, make your own selections._ Whenever possible, choose Version 5.5 in the "GEDCOM" field; it offers the best export._ When you don't know which file type to use, or when you're exporting to PAF version 2.31 or earlier, select Version 4.
Options Select the Indent records check box to make the file more readable in a word processor._ Some programs cannot read indented records, in which case this setting will be ignored._ Select the Abbreviated tags check box to use abbreviations for the GEDCOM tags, instead of full names.

7. Click OK.

Family Tree Maker creates the GEDCOM file.

Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 19:32
Hi Hasse!
Thanks for the reply! This might be a dumb question but I used your directions and when I get to the step that asks for File name field, type a name for the GEDCOM file--does this mean I have to rename the file from the current name that it's in. I noticed if I don't then the file that is in Family Tree Maker is not in the dialog box and that's makes me nervous since I've spent a lot of time input my data and I do not want to start over again!
Thanks Tracy

05-01-04, 19:51
...does this mean I have to rename the file from the current name that it's in...

YES! Absolutely yes!

You are creating another file, a document coded in another way than your current database. One good way would be to name the file with some reference to the date etc. This way you have a backup material also within the same file.

Normally a GEDCOM file should be named with the .ged -suffix.

Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 20:06
Tack Hasse!
Thank goodness I stopped myself! I suppose I'd use this year's date since this file has all my family tree and there are many dates to pick from! I still have some data to imput when I'm done with that I will send it.

Tracy Boeldt
10-01-04, 07:33
Hi Hasse!
It's me again--I'm ready to send this GEDCOM file--I think one more question! On step number 4 of the instructions: what does it mean select drive and folder where you want to place your file?----can it be in the same FTM file that the tree is in or do I place it in something different? Sorry to be a pain!

10-01-04, 08:34

One could put it wherever, but I would choose another folder than the one where you have the database. Just in case. (No chance messing up the valuable FTM database!)

10-01-04, 15:18
It really doesn't matter where you save the GEDCOM off to. There's no harm with FTM getting confused as the program in and of itself cannot open a GEDCOM without going through extra steps to import it.

FTM uses files with an extension of .ftm and .ftw when it opens. I've saved many GEDCOMs in the same folder as my main program is located in without any problems.

Tracy Boeldt
10-01-04, 19:47
Thanks guys! I was just wondering, since I have over 300 names in my database right now and I'm not sure which folder to put it in because of that. I've already backed up the folder onto CD-ROM. I guess I'm confused on the many choices!


June Pelo
13-01-04, 02:06
I get a lot of GedComs from various people and I save them in a folder I set up, labeled GedCom. Atleast I know where to look when I need to find them.


Tracy Boeldt
14-01-04, 06:10
Ok, so I have managed to save my file--now how do I send my file to the forum?!