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29-09-10, 01:53
Toini and Vaino Joensuu were killed as the result of a car accident last week. They were loved by so many and it is a devastating time for our (Joensuu) family.

We would like to let you know that we will have a memorial service for them on Saturday, October 9th at 11 a.m. at the

Finnish Lutheran Church

15520 Sherman Way

Van Nuys, CA 91406.

Pastor Rueben Perttula will perform the service

A reception will follow at the home of

Rina Shroyer
Granada Hills, CA

Thank you,

John and Claudia Joensuu


Note, if anyone is interested in the contact information for the reverend or the reception, please send me a private message.

04-11-10, 05:06
THE JOENSUUS (1925-2010)

The LA Finlandia Foundation lost two of its most faithful members as a result of a broadside traffic collision—an incident in which they were the only ones to sustain critical injuries—in Glendale on Sept. 15th. Toini and Väinö Joensuu had worked for the good of the local Finnish Community for decades. They were the principal mainstays of the former Finnish Valley Lutheran Church until it disbanded in 1996, and for many years were among the most loyal of volunteers in service to our Finlandia Foundation chapter.

Toini was born in Temmes (outside of Oulu) in 1925, and in the same year Väinö was born in Tampere. After the war they followed each other to New York where they married in 1954. In 1966 then came to California together with their then seven year old son. They were both career employees in the food service industry, in New York City as well as in Los Angeles.

A capacity crowd turned out for their memorial service at the Finnish Lutheran Church on Oct. 9th. Numerous family and friends rose to express heartfelt remembrances of Väinö and Toini's exceptionally kind and selfless nature. Each speaker made mention of, or related very similar stories of, the Joensuus' concern for others. What emerged was a picture of a couple that had dedicated their lives, both professional and personal, to rendering direct service to others. It was something that they did with a natural pride and dignity. They had made an art out of being consistently helpful and gracious, and in turn they were held in high esteem by all who knew them.

We will miss Toini's warm, double-handed, greetings of welcome to friends and visitors alike; as well as, Väinö's habit of slyly slipping little cough candies into your palm, just in the off chance that you might be in need of immediate nourishment. Equally missed will be the expertly prepared and presented food tables hosted by the Joensuus. We will remember their dedication to the Tupa, particular Väinö's pride in making “his” windows spotless, and Toini's attention to museum details. But mostly, we will remember their humble and generous hearts, and loving devotion to each other.

They are survived by their son, John Eric Joensuu; daughter-in-law, Claudia; grandson, Eric Kalervo (12); and granddaughter, Lauren Marina (8). Aino Nikumatti, Toini's sister and former Finlandia Foundation member, is currently living in Finland.

Article courtesy of Ray Halme