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29-09-10, 22:20
Not sure that I have correct spelling, cannot find any listing of this surname. I was born in 1966, father listed on birth cert. was Johan Storebocker. Birth city Brooklyn, New York--any info?

June Pelo
30-09-10, 00:51
Could that be Storbacka? I have lots of Storbacka names from Terjärv, Finland. Do you know anything more about Johan Storebocker - his parents, dates, places, etc.?

01-10-10, 15:22
Hi-and thanks. No I do not know much about him, other than he would have been 18-22 in 1966, lived in Sunset Park or south Brooklyn area - now called south slope. Heard too that he may have been in the navy. My mothers name was Veronica (now deceased), and was not Finnish.

June Pelo
01-10-10, 16:06
I'm afraid there isn't enough info. to try to find him. If you had his death cert. for dates, or an address where he lived, or anything.. Why do you think he was Finnish?

01-10-10, 16:21
Unfortunately, that's all I have. Know he was Finnish because older family members remember him. (we never met). Would not Know anything about death cert, not sure if he is living or deceased. Thank you though for the spelling of the last name, I would not have thought of that. Every journey starts with a small step right?

June Pelo
01-10-10, 17:21
I checked my records for a Johan/John Storbacka, b. 1930-40 but don't have anyone. It's unusual for a man named Johan to retain that name after emigration - usually he changes it to John. You said older family members remember him. Pick their brains for any other clues - was he an emigrant or was he born in the US, etc. Have you checked marriage records in NY for him? Have you checked NY census for any Storbacka families?

I found a Johan Storbacka here: http://www.123people.com/s/johan+storbacka

And on that page they listed a Marie Storbacka in Brooklyn. But it's a search one has to pay for.

01-10-10, 19:00
Thanks again-you are much better at this I am. I will Keep trying.