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Mark V. Hillman
04-01-04, 22:06
I just signed up last night. The thread title shows the families. All my grandparents were from Finland as indicated above. I was born (1944), and live in Seattle Washington. I am married (36 years) to Mary (Ferguson), have two sons (Carl and Luke) and two barnbarn, Iona and Sean, still toddlers.

Was one of the originators of the SFHS, but haven't been active. Have been active in Finlandia Foundation, the Finnish Lutheran Church and the Finnish Choral Society of Seattle. Had sung with Runeberg locally and in Finland (1992).

Love Finland and look forward to learning more about my roots. I speak and read some Swedish and German. I love (bi)cycle touring in Finland. Have been there about 5 times.

I am an "investigating" architect and have had some business connections and trips, primarily to eastern Finland regarding construction technology and their Ministry of the Environment.

05-01-04, 00:59
That didn't take long!

Mark V. Hillman
05-01-04, 01:02
Thank you for getting me going. I hope I don't get obsessed with this stuff....

16-01-04, 22:43
Mark: Good to meet you at the SFHS night at Phil's Opening. Some questions of do you know's:

Gene Koll family
Margaret and Runar Long family
Edna Hillman
Emmaus Lutheran Church
John and Lillian Klubb
Carl and Esther Bjorklund

Good luck on your search? What an interesting hobby. Jeannie sends her greetings to you too.


Mark V. Hillman
18-01-04, 08:16
Vern, I replied yesterday, but don't see it here, maybe I replied directly. Anyway the name I couldn't remember was Jerry Koll, the other brother. The one that always made me laugh.

Happpy weekend,


19-01-04, 00:46
Hi Mark,

Welcome to the board.

You mentioned you were a member of the Finnish Choral Society of Seattle.
Do you know whether there is or was a Charisters (sic) (Choristers?) Society of Bainbridge Island ? Or where I may find more information about it?


Mark V. Hillman
19-01-04, 04:26

Sorry, I don't know anything about the Choristers of Bainbridge Island. It is so hard to find groups to sing with that are just amateur. I have sung with Runeberg, the Finn Choral Society, church choirs, and we even sing with a local but inftequent John Burns Society.

Art Anderson's daughter Andrea (Anderson) Ball, and her family just moved to the island. E-mail me with a private message and I can send you her phone number. She and her husband Sid are quite active in their community and the local Lutheran Church, so they may have contacts.

Art and Naomi now live at the Hearthstone. Art has had some strokes recently and is in the Health Center now. These are my last Aunt and Uncle. Art, the last of the Anderson kids.


21-01-04, 20:40
Hi: I hope that I will hear from you. I did not receive the reply you mentioned sending me. I have been curious about a person named John Klubb. He lived in our neighborhood when I was growing up on Lake Sammamish. He was a Swede-Finn and born about 1905. I know that he remarried after his wife died to a lady from Anacortes and moved there. He had a daughter, Linda, and I would like to contact her. I saw you were searching into the Klubb family. Any info?

I can hardly wait to visit my aunt Dorine Koll to tell her we've met.


Mark V. Hillman
22-01-04, 05:25

Okay, I know what I did now. I replied to someone else thinking it was Jeanie.

If that John Klubb came from Leplax, there is a chance, and I've a lot of chart reading to do yet. If related, he is likely my dad's cousin?

Farfars family name was originally Klubb. The church records say "Klubb senare Hellman". Kann du någ Svensk? They lived in Leplax No. 4 (or was it 5?) and the house burned a long time ago, but some distant relative lived next door (in No.5?) and showed me where the house used to be. Farfarsfar and farfar came over to the US a few times, the last without permission of the church in Vasa, so they were "AWOL". Farfarsfar died in the US in 1900, ffarfar in the 20's and they were already Hellmans or Hillmans. Farfar was named Johan Adolf Hellman, and maybe farfarsfar was Johan also...so that's a lot of Johns, isn't it.

Hellman was about the 50th most common "Swedish" name in Finland a few decades ago....lots in Sweden too

I have the date the name was changed but not at hand. I have the roots magic and will be putting this all together sooner rather than later and it will be posted.

I was related to the late Johan Klubb, aka Klubb Johnny an architect and/or builder in Jakobstad. Perhaps also Eufemia Hellman...but I am not sure of her.

Anyway, we were never sure of our relationship to any Klubbs in the US. I have contacted the only two I could find with little luck. It is an extremely rare name, reportedly a Swedish army name, but with few in either country or anywhere else.

I am sure of knowing the Kolls, and all the rest. Hopefully you got that message since you mention Dorine?

I am convinced almost all Swedefinns are related somewhere.

I hope to get into this stuff this year.

Happy Thursday,


Mark V. Hillman
22-01-04, 05:31

Sorry, my earlier reply assumed you were someone else. The lack of my knowledge about the Bainbridge Choristers remains correct.