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07-10-10, 20:13
I am looking for a relative of mine who immigrated to America, as well as her descendants. My Grandmother's sister Emma Mansolahti moved to America in 1913. Her date of birth was November 30thm 1885, and place of birth Ikaalinen. She was married to a man called William Pakka. I don't know their wedding date. I only have two letters from Emma Pakka's daughter Charlotte, dated February 26th, 1968 and March 9th, 1973, and from these letters I get the information that Charlotte has 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters, and 13 grandchildren by the date March 9th, 1973. The ages of Charlotte's children are told in the letter, and also how many children each of her children had. According to the letter Charlotte was born on March 8th, 1914, and I estimated that Charlotte's children's birth years would be approximately: a son born 1935, a son born 1940, a daughter born 1942, a daughter born 1946 and a son born 1951 - I don't know their names. I have three adresses for Charlotte: the first Charlotte R. Pierson, ---- Jacksonport, Wisconsin; the second adress is Sturegeon Bay, ---, Wisconsin, and the third ----, Chigago, Illinois ---USA. Moreover, from the letters I understand that Charlotte's husband William died in 1970, and her brother Wesley died in 1971, and that this brother was not married. The family most probably owned a furniture store. I am intrigued to see if I can find my long lost relatives this way. Raija

Karen Norwillo
07-10-10, 21:18
Here is the Pakka family in 1920 and 1930. Also found that William Pakka died 14 Dec 1971 in Chicago, Cook, IL. According to the Cook County, IL Death Index, Charlotte Ruth Pierson died 22 Apr 1974 in Chicago. A family tree on Ancestry has her husband listed as Rudolph Pierson born 21 Mar 1903 in IL and died Jul 1970 in Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI.

Karen Norwillo
07-10-10, 21:21
Here's William Pakka WWI and WWII Draft Reg Cards. I did not find a death for a William Pierson, only Rudolph. Maybe his middle name was William? Also found Emma's arrival 1913.

Karen Norwillo
09-10-10, 01:23
I found Rudolph and Charlotte buried in Jacksonport Lakeview Cemetery in Door county, WI. I have sent a request to a volunteer to do a look-up for obituaries for the pair. They may offer clues to family. I'll keep you informed as I hear something. Charlotte may have been in Chicago when she died, but she is buried next to her husband in WI.

11-10-10, 19:27
Hello Karen!
Emmas sister Martta Mansolahti born 02-15-1904 Ikaalinen Finland emigrated there 10-04-1923 . We dont have any informations (data) about her, only some suppositions, that she get lost. She was beautiful woman. Maybe too difficult to get any informations of her.


Karen Norwillo
14-10-10, 02:04
I sent a PM. I have the obits for Rudolph and Charlotte. Please PM me with your email address.

15-10-10, 09:29
Many thanks again!

My email-adress is raija.mustajarvi(at)kotiportti.fi
I hope that you understand that (at), because my pc changed that mark * different way than I writed it.