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Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 19:26
Hi all!
It's me again--needing a translation from a cousin in Sweden:

Skorna: spare?
Jansons frestelse: ? temptation--what is this?
revbenspjäll: spareribs
sillsallad: herring salad
julklapparna: Christmas ?
risgrynsgröten: rice/grain porridge
Thanks in advance!

Gita Wiklund
05-01-04, 20:54
Skorna: the shoes (skona=spare)

Jansons frestelse: Janssons temptation-- it´s a delicious dish we often eat at christmas or new years eve. It´s tinned sprats cured in brine and potatoes cut like french fries mixed with cream and gratinated in oven. (Jansson is a name like Anderson)

Found a recipe at this american site:


revbenspjäll: spareribs
sillsallad: herring salad
julklapparna: Christmas gifts
risgrynsgröten: the porridge made of rice - the (boiled) rice pudding


Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 21:03
Tack Gita!
Jansson temptation sounds yummy!

Gita Wiklund
05-01-04, 21:07
Yes - Yummy is the right expression for it! :D

June Pelo
05-01-04, 21:12
Although this isn't the correct forum for recipes, here's an easy recipe which is very popular with Swedes.

Jansson's Temptation

6 medium potatoes, sliced wafer thin
12 anchovy fillets, drained, cut in pieces
1 onion, diced fine
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 c. light cream
2 tbsp. butter

Place a layer of half the potatoes in a buttered baking dish. Top with anchovies and onion. Sprinkle with pepper and cover with remaining potatoes. Pour cream over all and dot with butter. Bake 350° 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender and delicately browned. Makes about 10 smorgåsbord servings or 4-6 main course servings.

Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 21:22
Sorry I missed a few more words, so if you'd be so kind to help again--it would be appreciated!
julstök: Christmas cleaning
julafton klockan tre sedan början på 1960-talet: Christmas Eve. watch three since beginning of the 1960s.
Tack! Tracy

Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 21:24
Thanks for the recipe--Can one substitute the anchovy fillets for something different, if one doesn't like anchovies?

Gita Wiklund
05-01-04, 21:38

julstök: Christmas cleaning, cooking, decorating e t c all the things you have to do to prepare for christmas. It´s not easy to translate "stök". All I can come up with is "fix".

julafton klockan tre sedan början på 1960-talet: Christmas Eve (at) three o´clock since the beginning of the 1960s.

June Pelo
05-01-04, 22:02

I suppose you could use something else - don't know what it could be - maybe herring? But if you don't like anchovies you probably don't like herring. I looked through my recipe books, but didn't find a similar recipe - except that the Norwegians make a similar dish using kippered herring. Kippers don't have a strong fish taste. If I find anything I'll let you know.


Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 22:13
Thanks June! I'm not a big fan of strong tasting fish--it would be great if you come across something and let me know!

05-01-04, 22:46
In my opinion anchovies doesn't taste "strong" in Janssons frestelse. Not at all! The taste is superbly blended with the potato!

Before switching to any other try the recipe with anchovies - I bet you'll like it! Then as the next dish - try vorschmack (with anchovies)!


"one who usually doesn't like fish"

June Pelo
05-01-04, 22:57
I just checked the Internet and found over 200 recipes, most of them basically the same - all using anchovies. One suggested soaking them in milk to reduce the saltiness. (Maybe it's the saltiness Tracy doesn't care for? I've never thought anchovies had a strong taste.) Several recipes suggested using a jar of Swedish Sweet Pickled Anchovy Fillets, found in Scandinavian food stores. They all sounded so delicious I could eat some right now. :)

I found this website full of delicious recipes:
Swedish recipes (http://www.kitchenrecipes.com/files/Swedish/) Yum yum.


Jaska Sarell
05-01-04, 23:27
Another variety of Jansson's Temptation
If you don't like anchovy or want to try something else, you may try to replace anchovy with thin ham slices (similar that are used in pizzas).
Of course, it isn't the same dish any more, but worth testing.
Janssons frestelse was successfully served in our New Year party. It was my suggestion and the guests were pleased. Of course, here in Finland it's easier when frozen potato slices with onion is available for the purpose. Those slices should be smaller than the French fries usually are.

:) Jaska

Tracy Boeldt
05-01-04, 23:34
Many thanks to all in helping me with the Jansons temptation substitutions! I'm just a little picky about the fish I eat.

06-01-04, 04:54
Hi Tracy,
I always avoid anchovies too, EXCEPT when I make Janssons frestelse. Then they disappear right into the creamy sauce around the sliced potatoes. If you add ham slices instead, then you have what my parents called skinklåda. Since ham was more expensive than the salmon they could catch in Puget Sound, we more often had laxlåda:) My recipe is supposed to feed two dozen. However, it doesn't generally last that far, since most people love it.

06-01-04, 17:29
Try this when you use ham instead of fish: Take a little of the gravy you get from the ham when you cook in the oven. Add a little mustard together with the cream and then cook the "frestelse" in the normal way in the oven.


09-01-04, 12:04
Have anyone mentioned that, with Janssons frestelse,
it's a must to have some pickled beet root (reb beet, Rödbeta) on the plate too. Then the meal is perfect! ...and some ryebread with


09-01-04, 12:56
A glass of cold lager on the side is not bad either...