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The farmer´s daughter Beata Sofia Mårtensdotter, born 1873 in Vörå, Grand Duchy of Finland, is leaving for America for 5 years.

The same text in both Swedish and Finnish.

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PS Forgot the last name Södergård

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Nikus, sofia listed her father as Isak on documents in America, I am guessing that he used his middle name which must have been Isak. Grandmother used Sofia rather than Beata, Do you think this is the norm in Finland? Also what does Grand Duchy mean is it a town? I am thankful to you for shedding light on my search maybe I can find info on her now in Finland. :D Marlene

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No, Grand Duchy is not a town:

The war between Sweden and Russia 1808-1809 ended in victory for Russia and Finland became part of Russia.

The history of the Grand Duchy of Finland can briefly be characterised as:

* 1809–1862: fifty years of consolidation, during which the Finnish authorities succeeded in convincing the Russian court not only of their own loyalty, but of that of all Finns.
* 1863–1898: thirty-five years of increased independence, including the re-establishment of the Diet of Finland and the elevation of Finnish from a language for the common people to a national language equal to Swedish.
* 1899–1917: twenty years of attempted russification, ultimately unsuccessful and detrimental for Finland's relationship with the Russian Empire (and the Soviet Union that was formed shortly afterwards).