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12-10-10, 20:27

I have heard about an architech by the name of John Wick from Jakobstad area who lived in Astoria in the end of the 1800's. Anyone who can tell me his identity in Finland?

14-10-10, 22:11
Johan Erik Wicks (b.Wik)
13 July 1878
in Vassor, Kvevlax, Finland
12 July 1963
in Astoria, Oregon, USA
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15-10-10, 12:26
In Talko here (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/talko/getperson.php?personID=225587&tree=NylArn)

1 Wiik (Vik) Erik Johan, Eriksson b. 7 Mar 1851 d. 16 May 1937
* Näsman Anna Lisa Johansdotter b. 9 Nov 1853 d. 8 Apr 1923
o 2 Wicks (Vik) Johan Erik Eriksson b. 13 Jul 1878 d. 12 Jul 1963
+ Cederberg Maria b. 8 Dec 1883, Kyrkostrand, Pedersöre, d. 8 Oct 1968

15-10-10, 13:11
This is a fragment of a message about John Wick's daughter Ebba Wick Brown:


"Wick's daughter, Ebba Wick Brown was quite the architech in her own right and interned with the Saarinen (sp) firm that also emigrated from Finland and were collegues with Frank Lloyd Wright."


16-10-10, 17:01
The death of Ebba Wicks Brown last week was a reminder of Astoria’s architectural wealth. It would be difficult to find another town of 10,000 with such a deep inventory of distinctive housing and building styles. It is also rare to find a place so marked by one architectural line, namely Ebba and her renowned father, John Wicks.

John Goodenberger captured Ebba’s extraordinary life in an article published last Friday. Her pioneering work as Oregon’s second woman architect brought her face to face with blind prejudice among Astoria’s educated males of that era. Goodenberger described how Ebba came home – following tutelage with one of America’s great architects – only to have her concept for downtown planning dismissed in a demeaning fashion.;)

16-10-10, 19:46
Some background information can be seen here (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/Ebba_Wicks_Brown)