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15-10-10, 18:54
Greetings from New Mexico, USA. I joined to board to research my Finnish side through my maternal grandmother. I use Ancestry.com to keep track of everything, and have a decent amount of information on these ancestors, but I'm always looking for more information.

My grandmother is Agnes Korvola, daughter of Matt Korvola and Ida Hill. Matt Korvola was the son of Niilo Edvard Korvola and Selma Kristiina Pakkala of the Isokyrö area. Ida Hill was the daughter of Charles Nestor Hill (who changed his name from something like Nestor Hjelm) and Ida Wilhemina Laakso, probably from the Nummela area.

I found a Korvola researcher who got me a good family tree for Matt Korvola, though any confirmation of this information or filling in aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc. would be nice. For Ida Hill, the only information I have is on her parents, so any additional information on her ancestors would be great.

I only speak English and some German, so my ability to do the Finnish research is limited.

Karen Norwillo
16-10-10, 07:04
I found Nils Edvard's birth record in Isokyrö in 1877 FFHA. I did not find Selma Kristiina born Isokyrö in 1882. Nils parents were married 17.10.1873 Isokyrö according to Hiski. The sponsors at Nils Edvard's christening as shown was probably Matts Nilsson's brother Nils and wife. Nils Nilsson Korvola and Justina Mattsdotter Kulberg were married 29.7.1865 in Isokyrö per Hiski.
Nils Johansson Korvola and Susanna Johansdotter Kildinen were married 7.11.1833 . Both from Tuurala , Isokyrö. Korvola was a farm name. Children born to this couple were
17.6.1835 Lisa
24.1.1838 Johan
7.2.1840 Nils
27.9.1844 Jakob
4.6.1848 Maria
2.12.1850 Matts. So Nils and Matts were brothers. This is all from Hiski. I will see if FFHA has the births for these years.

Karen Norwillo
16-10-10, 22:26
Here's the Isokyrö rippikirja 1851-1857. It shows the entire Korvola family at #2 Korvola farm Tuurala village.
Also found Maria Nilsdotter Korvola married boställsarrend. Jakob Adamsson Kannasto of Orismala by, Isokyrö 30.12.1878.
Johan Nilsson Korvola married Hedvig Mattsdotter Rintapalo of Palo by 18.6.1858.
19.1.1841 Tuurala, Matts Simonsson Kulberg and Maria Jakobsdotter born Justina. This is the wife of Nils Nilsson Korvola (1840)
Found images for the births of last 4 children of Nils Johansson and Susanna Johansdotter, but they're on the rippi. If you want, I'll post. Could not find the first two, those aren't on FFHA.

9.12.1814 Tuurala, Kildilä, Johan Mattsson and Susanna Johansdotter..Susanna.
Here's the 1833 marriage image from FFHA for Nils and Susanna.

Karen Norwillo
17-10-10, 05:33
From FFHA, Lisa Nilsdotter Korvola died 2.2.1837.
Also found the Kildilä family on #3 Kildilä farm Tuurala. Shows Susanna's family in 1831-1837. She is also found on the Korvola image as she married in 1833 and had moved. On the Korvola image, you'll see Nils at the top with his parents and then down below with his family.

Karen Norwillo
18-10-10, 01:42
According to Migration Institute, Karl Nestor Hjelm's passport was issued from Somero parish. I will check the records for this parish on FFHA.

Jaska Sarell
18-10-10, 22:23
Since Somero is quite familiar to me, I searched Karl Nestor Hjelm. Got a hunch from moving record of his probable brother Juho Hjelm in 1905. Expected pages to be in same order in earlier CB 1890-1899. With only a few steps lead me to Iso-Viluksela village Iso-Huisti farm Nummila(Nummela?) croft in page 1517 (page link (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=11901&pnum=299) for FFHA members, image link (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/somero/rippikirja_1890-1899_mko127-140/kuvat/299.jpg)).
His parents were Juho Hjelm b. 12 Nov 1827 in Loimaa, and Serafia Heikintytär b. 11 Mar 1845 in Somero. Family had moved in 1894 from Perttula (old name for Ypäjä), where Karl Nestor was born.
HisKi data for Serafia (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t7353100)'s birth.
Her parent's at Mäkilä croft here (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/somero/rippikirja_1840-1848_hp_jk232/332.htm).
After marriage 27 Nov 1863 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/somero/vihityt_1821-1882_jk237/128.htm) Juho and Serafia lived in Somero, here (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/somero/rippikirja_1864-1870_hp_mko1-14/355.htm). Juho is named there as Johan Carli Hjelm, i.e. he was Karl's son. HisKi gives a birth of Johanna in Loimaa on 15 Nov 1827 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t4678278). Apparently the baptizing pastor had not checked his gender ;)
He is Johan in Loimaa books, as in 1838-1845 here (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/loimaa/rippikirja_1838-1845_jk447-448/478.htm), and 15 Nov is the correct DOB.

:) Jaska

P.S. I had Serafia's father's father in my database, but only because his first wife (not Serafia's grandma) was related.

19-10-10, 18:56
Hey Karen and Jaska, thanks for the quick replies. Nils and Matt seem to be fairly popular names on the Korvola side as they pop up pretty regularly. I'm adding the records you guys find as quick as I can to my Ancestry.com tree.

Karen, you list the patronymic as -son and -dotter, whereas I'm used to seeing -poika and -tytär. Is this just a difference between Finnish and Swedish records?

Jaska, looks like you have the correct Hjelm family. On Karl Nestor's entrance papers from Canada to the U.S., he lists that his destination is his brother Evert (?) in Michigan. Evert was listed on one of the documents you provided. Your guess on the spelling of Nummela is probably better than mine - I got mine from a badly scanned immigration document.

Thanks again for your help-

Karen Norwillo
20-10-10, 00:05
No difference, Swedish or Finnish, means the same.

23-10-10, 00:47
Hey Karen-

I think I know why you were having problems finding Selma Kriistina Pakkala. According to my list, her parents were Heikki Mikonpoika Pöyry and Anna Liisa Juhontytär. So, she (apparently?) didn't have the same last name as her father. My info also says she was born in Jurva which, according to HisKi, is lacking in records after 1850 - 32 years before Selma was born. I'm attaching the family tree I recieved.

Thanks agian for your help-

28-12-10, 10:53
Hi Craig and Jaska,

Carl Carlson Hjelm, the younger brother of Johan Carlson Hjelm, is my ffff,
and I´m living at Ypäjä just at the neighborhood of Huina Takamaa croft.
I was just searching web and found this discussion.

Carl and Johan were born at Loimaa, Kauhanoja Mäki-Punto Mäkelä croft.
Their farther was Carl Henriksson Hjelm, b 5.4.1795 (born at Loimaa but I still do doubt...), a bricklayer.

Johan moved 1846 to Grenadier Sharpshooter Battalion, Turku,
where he served 12 years as a sharpshooter and participated
the Crimean War in Åland and Turku area.

Johan and Carl moved 1860-62 both to Wiluksela Huina croft Takamaa,
which they build. Johan (Juho) got married with Serafia and moved first to Wiluksela Palojoki, then to Berttula (Ypäjä) and 1894 to Wiluksela Iso-Huisti Nummila. (there are some old photos available when I have time to scan them :) )

Johan´s (Juho´s) son Karl did move to US (with his brothers, where, how and why: here I´m still gathering more information from my relatives).
I just called to my father´s cousin, who is every now and then visiting his house at Takamaa (yes, the 2nd house is still existing) and he said that his aunt Veera Hjelm (married to Tuominen and passed away last year) used to keep up some contacts to US - I suppose between 1935-1960.

I will provide you more information if needed and
will continue my search of the ancestor Carl Henriksson Hjelm, b.5.4.1975,
moved from Turku(Åbo) 1822.


30-12-10, 19:11

here´s more information of the direct ancestors of my ffff Carl Carlson and his brother Johan (Juho) Hjelm.

fffff. Soldier Carl Henriksson Hjelm, Loimaa Kauhanoja 5.7.1795 – 4.1.1851
- took the name Hjelm probably 1818 and was Turku Sharspshooter Battallion until 1822

ffffff. Soldier Henric (Bertelsson) Frost, Loimaa Torckala 14.1.1758 – 23.5.1822
- born as Flinck but the soldier name Frost appears around 1786 (The war of Gustav the Third of Sweden 1788-1790)

fffffff. Soldier Bertil Thomasson Flinck, Loimaa Metsämaa 16.8.1725 -
- the soldier name Flinck appears first time after 1786

ffffffff. Crown´s Soldier Thomas Jörensson, Jokioinen Ojais 2.3.1701 -

fffffffff. Jören Sigfridsson, Jokioinen Niemi (BD nor place not yet known...)

Happy New Year!
Atte Kaskihalme

Jaana Puskala
14-01-17, 11:14
About Korvola family!
KeeperOfLowKeys - I have a lot of information of Korvolas in Finland. I am a member of Luoma-MIelty family association, and Selma Pakkala belongs to that family through her father Heikki Mikonpoika Pakkala, former Puska and Pöyry. Please contact me for more information
Jaana Puskala