View Full Version : Rakel Lindblom b 1908 FL connection?

18-10-10, 04:41
Anyone who know about Rakel (b. Lindholm) and Walter Ekholms, b.1905 d.1988 in PA, descendants! They had at least a daughter, who I think moved down here to FL!

Karen Norwillo
18-10-10, 20:44
I found a ship manifest for 1941 with the family to that date. Walter Ekholm was the ship master Oddvar II. He is at the top of image. Near bottom are Rakel 32, Roald 10 and Gunlaug 4. Also found mention of a Rachel Ekholm in Philadelphia in US Public Records Index vol 2. Born 10 Oct 1908. Ship is returning to NY.

Jari Savolainen
18-05-11, 18:58
Karen, very interesting document about Oddvar II. Do I have a permission to publish it in the Oddvar II history at http://www.aanimeri.fi/ODDVARII ? At that site there is a link (Felidians) that leads to Roald Ekholm's Story.

Karen Norwillo
18-05-11, 19:54
The image came from Ancestry.com. I don't believe it would be a problem to use it. After all, it's info accessible to anyone with a subscription, and there are thousands. It's not like it's private info posted by a single contributor.

Jari Savolainen
19-05-11, 20:26
thank you so much.