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K-G Molander
19-10-10, 20:26
From HISKI, lappajärvi parish birth record:

Please explain Kuifuilain/Kuifläin/Kuijwilein.
Is this a soldier or a farm name? Or is it just another name for Knifvilä?

Born / Christened 0.0.1664
Village / Farm
Father Anders Kuifuiläin
Child Sophia
Original comment KASKOMM: D:ca 3p.Ep.

Jaska Sarell
19-10-10, 21:17
That must be a transcription error as to the second letter.
Why don't you read the original here (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/lappajarvi/syntyneet-vihityt-kuolleet_1663-1729_uk149/4.htm) ;)
The third entry (second in 1664) on the left column (christened).

The christening date seems to have been 24 January as seen in the almanac (http://almanakka.helsinki.fi/arkisto/166401.gif).

:) Jaska

K-G Molander
13-12-11, 06:58
Jaska, it is difficult to read original record.
But, I realy like to know if Kuifuilain/Kuifläin/Kuijwilein, as found in Lappajärvi birth records (HISKI), is it just another name for Knifvilä?

Jaska Sarell
13-12-11, 07:31
They are all the same. Someone who has entered HisKi data has been unaware of the local Kniivilä (latest spelling) name and has mistakenly interpreted Kni.. as Kui.. from handwritten collection made in early 1900's. The rest of the differences are due to difficulty in knowing how to write Kniiviläinen in the very original records.

:) Jaska

K-G Molander
13-12-11, 07:58
Thank You very much!

And a Merry Christmas to You and Yours.