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20-10-10, 13:25
Codex Argenteus Online

"The Silver Bible is despite its name not a complete Bible but the four gospels written in the Gothic language. The translation from Greek to Gothic was done in the fourth century by the Gothic Bishop Ulfilas, who also constructed the Gothic alphabet. The Silver Bible was probably copied in Ravenna in the period under the Ostrogoths, and possibly for their King Theoderic the Great, at the beginning of the 6th century. It is written on thin purple coloured vellum of a very high quality in gold and silver ink. The silver script is dominant and has given rise to the term the "silver book","codex argenteus". It was designed to be a work of magnificence, which is possibly hard to understand today. It probably originally had a splendid binding decorated with pearls and gems. The text of the Silver Bible is one of the oldest and most extensive examples of the Gothic language of any document surviving today."

See: link to the University of Uppsala, Sweden (http://www.ub.uu.se/en/Collections/Manuscript-Collections/Silver-Bible/)