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23-10-10, 16:51
Hello! I've been posting this query on other sites, and sadly, no responses yet. I've wondered for a long time if there is someone "out there" who may have ancestors from Kuortane named Mustapää. My maternal grandmother was Sanna Liisa Simonintytär Mustapää, born 13 November 1875....Her father was Simon Sannanpoika Mustapää, born 29 August 1854.....Her mother was Maija Matintytär Haapala, born 14 July 1852. I'm hoping to make a connection with anyone who may be related to me in some way.

23-10-10, 21:55
I am not related, but are happy to help.
Simon Sannanpoika Mustapääs mother Sanna (Susanna) Johansdotter might appear here. Johan Johansson Mustapää b. 17.2.1796 and Walborg Simonsdotter Hongola b. 26.5.1794 married 9.10.1817 Kuortane ( Hiski )

Kuortane - christened

Years 1820 -
Mother's first name: WAL => Valborg, Vald.
Child's first name: SUSA => Susanna
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

20.11.1820 2.12.1820 Mustapä Bd. Johan Johanss. Walb. Sim.dr. 36 Susanna


Susanna and son Simon.


Johan Johansson Mustapääs b. 17.2.1796 ancestors back appears here, by Veikko Ekola.



24-10-10, 02:40

You might want to consider Facebook searches too. There are several Mustapää folk listed there.

25-10-10, 14:35
Thank you! I don't belong to Facebook yet, but, I have been thinking about joining. I have a friend who told me that he has made contact with distant relatives he didn't know existed! So, now that I know that there are Mustapääs on Facebook, I'll give it a try.

Best regards, Roger Matson